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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Carpe Diem

I want to revisit our scripture again from the last post. In Corinthians 1:27 Paul teaches us that God deliberately chose things the world considers foolish in order to shame those who think they are wise. And he chose those who are powerless to shame those who are powerful. Power by definition is the ability to do or act; capability of doing or accomplishing something. Think about it, nothing can operate on its own. Cars need fuel. Light bulbs need electricity. Our bodies need food.

In 2003 The Gap clothing company introduced a new pair of jeans known as Carpe Diem (seize the day) denim. The jeans fit into their new marketing campaign that was aimed towards women's empowerment. I am sure you know that if a pair of jeans had the ability to empower us and change our lives, then Gap would not be able to keep them on their shelves.

To give them a little credit they were on to something. There is somewhere we can go to get empowerment it is just not sold in a retail store for $49.99. Philippians 4:13 says “I have strength for all things in Christ who empowers me.” I do not know about you, but with all I have to accomplish in a day for my family, my church, my friends and most importantly my God, I have to have fuel. If I am running on empty then I am not going to run anywhere and a pair of jeans I may purchase in a store, well they are not going to give me the power to live a life of contribution, blessing, joy and purpose. God is our only source. Plug in ladies and let’s allow the power of God to fuel us not for "women's empowerment" but for His glory!

Powered by God,

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Anonymous said...

This message certainly speaks to a lot of women and most especially to me. With all we have to accomplish in any given day we, as women of God, need super strength that only comes from above.