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Monday, September 29, 2008

Who Knew

My friend Lauren has the coolest camera EVER! While we were on our trip this past week she took some of the most amazing pictures I thought only a professional photographer would be able to take. I had no idea this camera existed or the possibilities it possessed. Needless to say I got excited at the new found ability to document our time in the mountains with not just your average pictures.

Follow me for a second, Psalm 105:1 instructs us to "tell everyone we meet all that God has done". There is a more common word we use for this particular activity- witness. The word witness comes from the Old English word wit. Wit simply means “to know”. So a witness is someone who knows something and shares that knowledge.

As I researched Lauren’s camera on the Internet, I soon realized it was not new to the market and many people owned one or at least knew about it. I was just not aware of it UNTIL someone “witnessed” to me.

Sometimes I think we over analyze our call to witness. See, I am sure Lauren could not tell me every detail regarding her camera. There are some things only the creator of the Power Shot SD1000 understands and knows.

Likewise, to witness we do not have to know all the answers concerning God or the Bible, all we have to do share our very own experiences with Christ. It is as simple as showing someone the different features on a really great camera. No manual, no Power Point presentation, no outline needed.

So today as you go to work, the grocery store, school or just visit with your friends and family, the odds are you will encounter someone who desperately needs to know about the awesomeness of God. And how will they know? Only if we witness (share knowledge) of our life with Christ with them.

No one made Laruen share her camera with me, but I am so glad she did.

No one had to share Christ with me, but I am so glad they did. Why would I want to keep it to myself? Life and liberty in Christ is for everyone, but we have to be willing to witness so everyone can have the same opportunity to know.

Our call to the mission field may never lie overseas. Your greatest harvest just might be found on the mission fields of every day life!

By the way, is it too early to tell Santa what I want for Christmas? Do I have to even wait until Christmas?

Just wondering...

Pictured: Me, Lauren, Caley (of course this was taken with Lauren's really cool camera!)

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Anonymous said...

What a great blessing this blog is to so many people. I'm telling everyone I know about it. I am so proud God is using you to minister to women and to my son and grandchildren in these last days!
Mom Johns