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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Who is that Masked Woman

For entertainment in ancient Greece, the Grecians would have great theatrical events and plays in large amphitheaters. Obviously they didn’t have microphones to make their voices heard and they didn’t have cameras to magnify their images onto screens, so they had to get creative and invent their own system. Their solution was to develop large masks that made them look like the characters they were portraying. Built into the masks would be megaphones to amplify their voices. The actors would get on stage, and behind their masks they became somebody else, someone different than who they really were.

The actors were called "hypocrites."

In the French language, a hypocrite is one who hides his/her intentions and true personality. The entire world is a stage and for many of us we are that Grecian actor, hypocritically hiding our true selves.

The world maybe our stage, but this is no play, it’s for real. Therefore we need to be real.

If you have been watching the news this week you may have seen some of the most popular costumes for Halloween. Not the typical witches and action heroes this year. Women want to be Sarah Palin and the guys are donning jumpsuits, plunger in hand to be Joe the Plumber.

Oh, we like to dress up and pretend. But that’s all it is, a pretend. It is time to take off our masks and be the women of God we were designed to be.

I can no longer wear my Lone Ranger mask convincing others I do not need them.

And I am defiantly not Wonder Woman. (Although I do wonder how I still have my sanity sometimes)

But even though I do not have Wonder Woman’s superpowers, that’s ok, I know the One who has all power (Matthew 28:18).

So… who are you going to be this year? Why not try and be…you.

You can pull it off like no one else.


Do you find it hard to be real with others? Ask the Lord to help you take off your mask today and heal every area of your life you may be trying to hide.

God made you to be you. Rejoice in the fact you are an original, no imitation needed!

Until next time,


June Durham said...

Hi Tina -- I have really enjoyed reading your blog and Mark's e-votionas. Your words are very inspiring and encouraging. They always are "right on" for what I needed to hear at that time. (God's love is so awesome.) I plan to share your blog with our ladies ministry. I know they will be blessed too. Keep up the great work. Love, Aunt June

Anonymous said...

Hi Tina, I just had a brainstorm. I don't know if you have thought of this or not, but your blogs are so good, collectively they would make a great devotional book for every day of the year!! When you get 365 (which should be pretty soon)start working on your book, if not for anyone else do it for your "sweet" mother in law!!(ha ha)