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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gaining Wait

A lot can go through our minds while we are waiting. Thoughts like, “What if…..” and “How come…” or “Why me?”

In 1 Samuel 13 we read where King Saul gathered his army to fight against the Philistines, but being so outnumbered, the men ran in fear hiding in nearby caves.

This was Saul’s time to shine. This was his opportunity to have his kingdom established in the annals of history forever (V. 13). If only he had waited on the Lord.

Samuel instructed Saul to wait seven days for him to arrive to offer the sacrifices to God before they engaged in battle. As the days progressed so did Saul’s fear and impatience. His army was disintegrating right before his eyes. He could not wait one more moment to commence the battle, or so he thought. Saul does the unthinkable, he offers the sacrifice himself.

We live in the confines of time. God does not. So with God, timing is way more important than time.

As soon as King Saul finished making the offering (which only a Priest could do) Samuel shows up. How many times have we given up waiting on God, taken actions into our own hands, only moments before He would have shown up?

Samuel demands to know what Saul had done. The king’s response reflected his fear of public opinion, his lack of trust in God and his cavalier attitude toward obedience. Saul said when he saw the men scattering and Samuel had not yet come, he “felt compelled to offer the burnt offerings.” (V.12)

Saul had a clear command from God. He disobeyed, and it cost him his kingdom (V.14). He lost it all... all because he would not wait.

I have to say I cannot blame Saul. Faith, trust, wait, these are very difficult roads to walk on. But what if we do wait… we do trust… and we do exercise our faith? If the repercussions for not doing these are total loss, then the reward for doing them must be total GAIN.

So is today your day to shine? Is today the day the Lord is going to show up on your battle field? If you give up you may never know, but if you wait on the Lord I promise He will renew your strength for the journey ahead. Don’t look at the circumstances surrounding you, look to God who is securing you.


What are some of the thoughts that have bombarded you during some of your times of waiting?

What do you think are some issues God maybe wanting to purge out of us when He forces us to wait on Him?

Trying to gain wait,

Proverbs 8:34 says, “Blessed are those who listen to me, watching for me daily at my gates, waiting for me outside my home!”

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