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Monday, November 17, 2008

Thankful for... God's Healing Power

Originally posted on November 17, 2008

Sunday night Tyler, my son, went hunting, as him and his father so often do this time of the year. He harvested a buck, brought it home, cleaned it and prepared it to grill last night. This is what I am thankful for today! Sounds weird but let me explain.

On October 7, 2000 Tyler was diagnosed with Gillian Barrett Syndrome. He was paralyzed from head to toe and in the worst pain I don’t think I could ever handle. There is no cure for this, only a treatment. We were blessed that the treatment did work for him and by the end of the first week the doctors at Shands were ready to release him to a rehab hospital in Jacksonville.

Tyler’s neurologist informed us it would take 6 months to 2 years for him to learn how to walk again, feed himself again, ride his bike again, and we should check him into the facility they suggested and “leave him to the care of trained professionals” (the doctors words exactly).

Well, trained I’m not, but I was not leaving my 9 year old son alone for someone else to take care of.  I didn’t leave him the week we were in Shands and I wasn’t going to do it now.  So we brought him home and every day I took him to rehab, fed him, bathed him and took care of his every need.

Four weeks later, FOUR WEEKS, he was walking, feeding himself, riding his bike and shooting his BB gun his Papa promised him if he worked hard to get better.

The following month, Mark and Tyler went on a hunting trip a short distance from our home. One of the greatest moments between father and son happened that first evening. A small buck came in the field, Mark prepared Tyler with his gun, and in just a few seconds Tyler had harvested his first deer. 

There was no prouder moment for Mark but before the celebration started, Mark simply bowed his head and breathed a word of gratitude to God for it was only by His healing power and grace Tyler was hunting that night.

So, today I am VERY Thankful for God’s Healing Power.

O Lord, thou art my God; I will exalt thee, I will praise thy name; for thou hast done wonderful things...” Isaiah 25:1


Has God ever healed you or someone you love? Why not today, simply bow your head and breathe a word of gratitude to the God that healeth thee.

Tyler grilling his deer last night!

Have a blessed day!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I cried and cried reading your blog today. I too am so thankful for God's goodness to our family. Tyler's healing was a miracle and a testimony of what prayer and perseverance can do. You and Mark are great parents and I love all my family so very much. By the way, "happy anniversary". Have a great time in Indiana and Chicago!!
Mom Johns