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Monday, February 23, 2009

Do Over

When I was little we played a game called Four Square involving…. four people. Now if we had only two people then we played…. yes, you guessed it, Two Square.

It was quite an uncomplicated game. All you needed to play was a ball and a few lines drawn on the ground. And the best part was if you made a mistake, all you had to do was yell, “Do Over!”

The "do over" was one of childhood's most powerful rites. It exerted our dominion over the laws of space and time. For a moment, the clock was rolled back and the game was restored to its exact status as before the infraction and play was resumed.

Oh, I so wish we could go back in time and yell, “Do Over!” again.

Leg warmers… Do Over!

Break Dancing… Do Over!

Parachute pants… DO OVER!

Big hair… Do Over!

Dressing like Madonna… Do Over!

Yes, these are pretty much things that happened in the 80’s, but that was the decade I grew up in. I’m sure you too can easily remember, or forget, some fashion mistakes you made and are immensely grateful there are no pictures as evidence. Thank goodness some trends go away!

“Do overs” are wonderful for styles and games but how great it would be if we could have a do over every time we made a mistake in life.

I heard a preacher say last week, “Just because you made a mistake, it does not make you a mistake.” AMEN. I have to say that again…A-MEN!

We allow our past sins and mistakes all too often to define who we are. No, it is not who you are, it may be what you did, but it is so not who you are.

We can’t go back and rewrite our story, but we can learn from it, be changed by it, grow from it, and help others through it.

Every part of Scripture is God-breathed and useful one way or another—showing us truth, exposing our rebellion, correcting our mistakes, training us to live God's way.
2 Timothy 3 (Message)

Yes, it is with fond memories that we recall the do-over, a divine method of resolution, and contemplate the untold blessings it could bring if it were somehow extended into our lives today.

Although that’s not possible to roll back the clock to the moment before the infraction, wipe the slate clean and move forward with no shame, we can choose to not let the rest of our lives be dictated by one moment.

I love Lamentations 3:22-24 (NCV)...

The Lord's love never ends;
his mercies never stop.
They are new every morning;
Lord, your loyalty is great.
I say to myself, "The Lord is mine,
so I hope in him."

We can open our eyes each morning with absolute joy in the knowledge that our Father is waiting to spend the day with us, pouring out His mercy and grace. We can't use up His mercies; instead, we can wake up with a renewed sense of wonder at God 's marvelous grace, knowing that He has a more than abundant supply of everything we need, and His hand is open to give it to us if we ask Him.

Our Father does not grow weary of our mistakes as we can grow weary of them. Instead, He gives us every day as an opportunity to experience the deep joy of His ever-present mercies, mercies that can reach us no matter how bleak our circumstances. And if we lose sight of those mercies? No need to fear; they will be just as wonderful tomorrow as they were today.


Do you ever feel like you will never get beyond past mistakes? Just remember that God's mercy is new every day for you, and even if you mess up again (and we will) know that His mercy will never run dry.

How has God renewed you lately? Give Him thanks today for His continual loyalty to you.

Living in my daily dose of mercy,


Anonymous said...

Thank God, when we repent of our mistakes and failures, he not only forgives, but we are justified, (just as if we had never sinned)..God's mercy has always blown my mine..It's so far removed from human mercy..(we may forgive but never forget)...Thanks for your blog Tina...Look forward to it everyday!!!

Unreasonable Grace said...

The enemy constantly reminds me of my past in an effort to disable me for Kingdom purposes.

But if not for those mistakes, I would not have the testimony I now have. I've often longed for a do-over, but what a waste of time to long for something impossible! I regret those mistakes, but can't beat myself over the head with them any longer. If God no longer remembers them, and He can use me in His Kingdom, then who am I to keep rehashing all those old emotions?! Thank God, He erases yesterday and give us a clean chalkboard every morning.

My new mantra - after Sunday's message - is "exercise exousia!" Remind the enemy Who's I am and he will have to slither away.