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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Dreams Do Come True

Everyone has a dream. Young boys dream of owning Cherry Red Corvettes. Young girls dream of marring Prince Charming… with Cherry Red Corvettes.

Adults dream of spending endless hours at their vacation home in secluded locations.

So, what is the one thing you dream about doing?

Three years ago if you had asked me my dream, the one thing I REALLY wanted to do, it was to see New York City.

March 2007 it became a reality for me.

As we flew in to JFK I could not believe I was actually living the dream I had dreamed for so long. And as we took the 30 minute journey into downtown Manhattan I felt like a little kid sitting in the back seat of her parent’s car heading down I-4 to Disney World for the first time. I was so excited. I had so many hopes and so many expectations for the next three days of my life.

But my excitement was quickly turning down Disappointment Boulevard. It was 1am and as we got closer and closer to the city I was studying the skyline as hard as I would to get a glimpse of some of its famous buildings. Not one could I see. As we drove and drove and I was not seeing one thing I recognized.

The driver was taking every back road he knew. I thought we would at least take Park Ave, Madison Ave, Broadway, or even 34th Street. Or go by Central Park and the Plaza Hotel. We didn’t.

The anticipation of my trip of a life time was beginning to turn to utter disappointment. I was so afraid this trip and NCY was not going to be everything I built up in my mind for it to be. So I quickly told myself, “Tina, even if this is not what you dreamed of and hoped for, just make the best of it. It will all be ok.”

The second I finished my little pep talk to myself, the driver, who was driving like he was in the Daytona 500, slammed on breaks. Simultaneously, I looked out my right window and Mark looked out his left window. I almost screamed as I said, “Mark, look at this!” and pointed out my window. Mark at the same time was saying, “Tina, look at this!” pointing out his window. I know the driver was thinking, “Country has come to town.”

We were slap-dab in the middle of Times Square and it was lit up like the noon day sun. Thousands of people were walking the streets, taking pictures and having the time of their lives.

My disappointment left so fast I did not get a chance to tell it good-bye. The trip was more than I ever dreamed it could be and I have been very blessed to go back two more times. My husband even took me the week of Christmas this past December.

My point in saying all this is that today at 6:10pm I am boarding a plane headed for the Czech Republic. Mark is preaching at a Pastors Conference for a group of pastors from Budapest, Hungry and Poland.

We will be in Prague for four days of our trip. I have been told it is the NYC of Europe. But this time I have no idea what to expect. But I know that this too is a trip of a life time and no matter what happens I will not be disappointed.

More importantly than all of this, God has plans, hopes, dreams and expectations for my life. Oh, I pray I do not disappoint Him! I don’t want Him to ever settle for having to make the best out of my life because I didn’t. I want to knock His heavenly socks off with what I do with the dreams He has dreamed for me and the plans He has planned for me.

Times Square

Next post I'll be bloggin from Prague!


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