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Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Family Name

All kids have done it. You did it, I most certainly did it. My kids have done it.

What did we all do? We have really, really embarrassed our parents.

Bill Cosby begins his book, Fatherhood, with these words:

So you’ve decided to have a child. You’ve decided to give up quiet evenings with good books and lazy weekends with good music, intimate meals during which you finish whole sentences, sweet private times when you’ve savored the thought that just the two of you and your love was all you will ever need. You’ve decided to turn your sofas into trampolines and to abandon the joys of leisurely contemplating reproductions of great art for the joys of frantically coping with reproductions of yourselves.


Poets have said the reason to have children is to give yourself immortality; and I must admit I did ask God to give me a son because I wanted someone to carry on the family name. Well, God did just that and I now confess that there have been times I’ve told my son not to reveal who he is.

“You make up a name if you have to,” I’ve said. “Just don’t tell anybody who you are."

Although we may get a few chuckles out of that, if you have children, I am sure at some point you have thought the same thing.

Our children, no matter how great they are, can at times embarrass us. Sometimes it is simply because they have not matured enough to know the correct way to act. And sometimes they do know better and yet choose to present themselves in ways inconsistent with who you are as parents.

I talked about this issue on Mother’s Day to our congregation and posed this question…. "How many times has God wanted to tell us to make up a name? How many times have we embarrassed Him?"

I know there are times He has wanted to tell me, “Please, Tina, don’t tell anyone you are a Christian, because right now, you are acting nothing like me or who I am.”

These last few weeks that I have been absent from blogging God has really been doing an inside job on me. There are areas of my life that are good, but He wants them to be great.

I am excited about this new journey. It’s stretching me, trying me and growing me but in the end, more than anything, I want to be a true reflecting of my Father and never an embarrassment. I want to honor the family name.

I do hope to share with you one day, in God's time, the journey I am on. But until then, I pray that we would all work on being the children that make our Papa proud!!

Pray you have a blessed day,