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Monday, June 15, 2009

Heavy Heart

On January 10th of this year I had a classmate from high school request to be my friend on Facebook.

On June 13th she passed away.

Oh how it made me feel to learn of her illness and passing. What makes me sad is not the fact of our close relationship in school, because we were mostly acquaintances, it’s the young daughter, husband, sister, mother, father and a host of friends and family who are experiencing this tragic loss that makes my heart ache.

She was so young and so full of life. She was also blessed to be surrounded by people who loved her deeply and cared for her immensely.

Pondering this sad news over these past few days has made me grateful. Yes, grateful.

I am grateful because I understand life is a gift and this reminds me to live every day that I have to the fullest.

My husband’s cousin passed away a few years ago and left behind a husband and two teenage children. One of the pastors that spoke the day of her funeral looked those two teens in the eyes and said the best way they could honor their mother’s life was to live everyday to make her proud.

A little over 2000 years ago someone died for you and me.

The best way you and I can honor Christ’s life is to live every day to make Him proud. John 10:10 tells us that He came so that we would have life and have it better than we could ever dream of. (Message)

Oh how we dishonor His life, and death, when we do not live our life to the fullest.

It’s easy for us to get sidetracked. To forget all the blessings we have. But all it takes is the understanding, of the reality that life is like a vapor, to get our eyes back on what is really important in life.

How sad it would be for me to give an amazing gift to my children and them treat it as something casual and cavalier. Our God takes great joy when we enjoy the extravagant blessing of life He has bestowed upon each and every one of us.

And it is my prayer that as we go through our day today that we would be keenly aware to not take even the smallest things for granted.

So, to the family and friends of Laura Lynch Fraser, my deepest condolences on your loss. I am so blessed to know she is now standing in the presence of her maker.

And to those of us that are left behind, don’t just exist, but live.


1 comment:

Jenny Lloyd said...

Hi Tina,

I'm sad for your loss. I'll be praying for her family. What a great statement: Each day is a gift! Sometimes we need a serious "shake-up" to get us back to that understanding. Thanks for the post. It encouraged my heart!