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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What can I do for You

A few weeks ago I had the privilege of enjoying lunch with a good friend that I don't get the chance to see that often. We always spend our short time together catching up on what’s going on with our kids, our husbands and our ministries.

After discussing all these topics with immense love, and little bragging, my friend looked at me and said, “So, how’s Tina doing?” My mind was running crazy thinking, “Who is she talking about? What Tina do I know that she knows too?”

After seeing the puzzled look on my face, I know she wanted to shake me as she said, “I’m talking about you!”

You know, we as women are always taking care of everything and everyone else that we often forget about ourselves. I know I sure do. I definitely did that day.

Don’t get me wrong, I love serving my family, friends and church but I all too often just totally forget about myself or my needs or my wants. I think the female species is just wired to think of others before we think of ourselves. But isn’t that being what we call ‘Christ-like’ or ‘other-minded’?

And the Bible does tell us to do for others first what we would want them to do for us.

But I laugh when I think of my kids coming to me and saying, “You do so much for me mom, you always put my needs first. So, today, what can I do for you?”

Although I have never fainted in my life, this would be my moment.

Oh, I am so much like my kids though, always asking God to do something for me, to meet my needs and take care of me.

But how many times have I ever stopped to ask what I could do for Him?

I know He loves providing food, clothing and a life of purpose for me; that seeing me happy makes Him happy. But it is my sincere prayer today that I would never take advantage of His good graces toward me; that I would not always be a taker and never a giver. That for sure is not being Christ-like.

Christ gave all expecting nothing in return.

I too give all expecting nothing in return... well, most of the time (smiles). But I also know how nice a little return can be.

So today, I would like to ask the One who has done everything for me, "Is there anything I can do for you?"

Oh, and God, please don’t faint if you get a lot of ladies asking the same question this week.



Pat said...

Loved the thought in your blog today....so many of us women can relate....sometimes my husband will say, "what would YOU like to do today?"...my mind immediately begins to think, "what can I say that I know HE really wants to do or go."..so used to pleasing others I don't have a clue to what I really want to do......like you, I don't regret a minute of my life spent on serving others....God has been so good to me and as I serve Him and others, I am totally fulfilled....

Allison said...

Amen & Amen! Tina you hit the nail on the head. I’m the same way... I typically give, give, give to others and ask, request & solicit help from God. He is certainly my source! However, today and going forward, I am going to ask Him what I can do today that would please Him. He has provided me with so much, from joy & peace to food & shelter. Thank you for this thought! God Bless.

Kirschle said...

Hi Tina,
Charity Hornback here from Prague!
What a lovely blog. This is so true!
Good job :)