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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

All I can say is... WOW

I knew I was going to She Speaks before I wrote the last post on walking by faith and not by sight or feeling. I also knew I would be seeing Jennifer Rothschild on Saturday night. Why is this a big deal? Because you see, Jennifer cannot see.

Jennifer literally walks by faith and not sight.

Her husband was able to attend this conference with her and after Lysa Terkeurst introduced Jennifer, Phil lovingly escorted his bride to her position where she would speak to 600 ladies for 45 minutes... with no notes... no pulpit to hold on to... and no cane to guide her steps.

It was the most amazing 45 minutes of my whole weekend. Not because of what my eyes were witnessing, but because of the words that were penetrating my flesh all the way down to my sometimes hiding heart.

But what was truly awe-inspiring was what happened after Jennifer concluded her message and prayer. You see, how she is able to walk back and forth on the stage with out falling off or getting confused as to which direction she is facing is the area rug which she stands on. Once she feels the edge of the rug she then knows not to take another step. She uses the edges of the rug to guide her steps.

So after she said, "Amen," she simply walked to the edge of the rug left of the stage, stood still, and sweetly held out her right hand. A few seconds later Phil was again at her side and escorted her off the stage and through a host of women who were at this point on their feet clapping... and crying.

To see her stand there so vulnerable and yet so confident was a true picture of how we are to walk in our times of darkness. She could not see her savior, her groom, her knight in shining armor, but she knew beyond any shadow of doubt that he was there... on his way... to rescue his bride.


Lord, In my most scary times of vulnerability, let me be confident that my Savior, my Bride Groom, my Knight in Shining Armor is on His way to rescue me.




Anonymous said...

All I can say is wow as well!!!

Unreasonable Grace said...

Amen, Sista! You put my feelings into words SO well!

Jennifer Rothschild said...

Tina. Jennifer's Dr. Phil here. I just read your insightful (and very kind) post about Jennifer. We were both so touched by it. Really, I teared up when Jennifer said you are my Knight Phil. Blessings and love, Jennifer and her Dr. Phil

Pat said...

To say "WOW' is an understatement....what a beautiful correlation of Jennifer's bridegroom and Jesus as our bridegroom......What a wonderful life I have had preparing for the return of my bridegroom to come for me......

Enjoy all your blogs Tina....this one was a little special....Keep up the good work.......

Jenny said...

Hi Tina! I'm so deeply touched by your gift of expression and analogy. (& Jennifer's Dr. Phil commented too. That is so incredible!)

I was moved as well by the wonderful experience of Jennifer's message to us. It was an "on-time" word & truly inspiring.