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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Get Back Up

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Anonymous said...

i asked Jesus in my heart in 1978.
i didn't get baptized by water until 1990. i got the Holy Ghost in 1995. i lived a life of sin until 1998. i reaffirmed my faith shortly after. since, i have struggled greater than ever with my faith.
it wasn't until 2008, on top of a mountain outside of boulder, that it really hit me. we are all connected. i was at 9000 ft, and when i looked up into the billions of stars, the Lord spoke to me, and said, " you are not weak, you are not lost, and you are not small.
as a believer you have access to all My authority and power! you can be as bright as this sky even where now stand." before that Word He ministered to my Heart, i felt insignificant. my life had not been going very well. so as i stood looking up at the sky which looked like almost complete Light, I felt a transformation. Like all my guilt, sorrow, pain, worries, and burdens had been lifted. at first I was so overwhelmed that I had a one on one with the Almighty,that I broke out in tears. then I began to rejoice, laughing, and realizing that I am as important as all thouse stars shining down on me, and all the mountains around me.
that night I eliminated my fear of the "World", and now understand that each of us have a specific role in helping the Kingdom of God complete it's mission. to reach all those who want to be in God's presence and protection. we are to be Light, not a shadow. we are not to wimper in front of MAN, but to stand up in Christ, for He is what everything is about. if we can do this simple thing, than we will inherit all the riches of God, which are far greater than anything we can ever imagine. He is here. although humans will live and die in the flesh, God is pure truth, love and light.

Thank you for your site, I too am doing research to find real truth, and I believe that you are a piece of God's light. I pray that together we can move the mountains of confusion and despair, and walk through a beautiful valley of Eternal Blessing with Jesus someday very soon. God Bless you and your ministry.
In Christ, Greg