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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Only God

I read an article last week in a magazine written by a pastor's wife to pastors' wives. This seasoned woman was sharing how to handle a particular situation that arose many times in their pastorates and was passing on her advice in this matter.

She was instructing how she walked through this issue, and how we should too, with understanding and without getting bitter or resentful.

As I read it I was recounting my past 11 years as a pastor's wife and could not remember ever having this kind of instance occurring. But I kept reading to see what advice was being offered because... you just never know.

Well, would you believe that this one thing that has never happened to me....



Was it a coincidence I read that article last week? No. The magazine set on my end table for three weeks before I was able to get to it.

God's timing always amazes me. And it also secures me.

The Bible says that He knows what we have need of before we even ask it (Matthew 6:8).

He's planning our escape route before we are ever in danger.

He meets our needs before it even arises.

As we plan out our days, He is planning out our tomorrows.

Oh I love that. I love God.

So today, I am not bitter or mad or even hurt. God ministered to me and graced me before I even needed to ask for it.

And only God can do that.

1 comment:

Barbara said...

God is so amazing in that way. Preparing the way even before you knew you would need it. Have a great week...