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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Certainty in Uncertain Storms, Trois

The Date: October 5, 2000

The Words: "Mr. and Mrs. Johns, Tyler could have one of two viruses. The worst of the two is Guillain-Barre Syndrome. We will have to send him to Shands in Gainesville and admit him for further testing. Let's hope that he has the "better" of the two viruses."

Not words a mother and father of a seemingly, up to this point, healthy 9 year old wants to hear. The road ahead was uncertain. We had no idea what the next few hours, days, weeks, months or years held for our family.

Our great Storm of 2000 was confirmed the next evening when the doctors at Shands gathered and told us our son in fact does have Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a paralyzing disorder with no cure.

Our family's emotions were already high that week due to a tragic death of a very close family member. And now this. It was almost to much to take in. To be honest, I'm not really sure I did take it all in. Had I, I would not have been able to handle the next week of living in a hospital watching my son in pain that was equal to a person who had been burned from head to toe.

On one of my trips home to shower and change, Tyler's neurologist took my husband aside and told him that the test results are the worst he had ever seen. He could not give 100% assurance that all would be OK and that he may want to prepare me for the worst. Just in case.

We were fortunate that the treatment he had each night was allowing Tyler's body to heal itself but we were advised to admit him into a rehab hospital upon our discharge. It was going to take months for him to learn how to walk again and get his mobility and strength back, maybe years.

So the doctors said.

But God.

Five weeks after his brush with this paralyzing syndrome Mark came home from the office to find Tyler rounding the corner on his little Honda 50 motorcycle.

Our storm had cleared. Miraculously.

On the four week check-up the doctor (who was not Christian) said, "Your prayers have been answered." Even the world can see the hand of God, even when they don't believe in Him.

So if your storm is a like our Storm of 2000, know this, God IS the healer. But we have to believe, trust, and have faith that He is clearing our dark, depressing, scary, blinding storm.

Of that you can be certain.

OK. If you are like me you want to know the rest of the story. Here it is. Tyler is doing great. He is 6' 4", in his senior year of High School and celebrated his 18th birthday this summer. Oh my.

This picture was taken two nights ago.

Stay tuned for the new series My Fav Fridays where I will share some of my favorite things which I hope will become some of yours as well. Smiles.


Caley said...

Great blog Tina- teared up a little! Love ya

Marilyn said...

Yes we can be certain that God moves the powers we may think are set in stone. My William dosen't deploy today for Afgan and I am believing he never will have to and that all of our sons and daughters will be brought home from over there. Thank you Father dosen't seem enough to say.

Laura Ruth said...

Needed that today,Tina.Thanks.
All blessings-

bbmommy2 said...

Praise the Lord for the healing of your boy! That is a Awesome testimony! I love it, when I hear miracle stories like this. Makes me ever so thankful for the healing hands of God. I love visiting here!

There is a mother that I have met through her blog that is praying and believing for the healing of her 12yo son named Andrew. In September Andrew was diagnosed with an inoperatable brain tumor. He has been at Shands for nearly a month. They went home to Clearwater Monday for some much needed rest. They are people of Great Faith in the healing of our Lord. Please, would you pray for Andrew's healing? Thank you.