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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Some Pretty Good Advice

Ok. So that you don't misunderstand yesterday's post (below), I'm diving a little deeper today.

My issue is not necessarily about how much I weigh or what size I wear. It's so much deeper than that.

For me it's about what I crave.

And if we crave anything more than we do Jesus, that is not a good thing. Or when our minds are constantly consumed with thoughts other than what is true, just, pure, lovely, of a good report, then that too is not a good thing.

I opened my email yesterday morning to find an email from Weight Watchers (Because I used to be an online member. Probably should have stuck with that one.) And I laughed because it's headline was, "Your Halloween Survival Guide."

Survival. Fitting word. Why, because when you feel like you are drowning, you need some encouraging words to help lift you out of the sinking sand of self centered cravings. (A little wordy, but that's where I'm living.)

I really gained a lot of insight from one of their tips. Most of them I already knew like, Everything in Moderation. "Eat just one snack-size candy bar... It makes a sensible treat." (But I like king-sized best. Oh well.)

Another tip I already know and try to do is Enlist the Help of Others. Someone to partner with you in your journey makes it so much easier to stay on track. Accountability is great.

But this is the one that made complete sense to me. Not because I did not already know it. But because of the analogy they used to describe it. Don't Throw in the Towel.

It is so easy to start the day with your egg-white omelet. Have your salad for lunch with low cal dressing. But come 3 o'clock you're starving to death and your coworker walks in with the most delish sugary treat and... you cave. Next you find yourself sitting at Taco Bell eating a Nachos Bell Grande with extra sour cream and a super sized Pepsi. Oh, and don't forget the cinnamon twists too.

But not so fast senorita. It does not have to be an all or nothing mentality that says, "You've already messed up. Why not go ahead and eat what you want the rest of the day."

And here is where the great advice came in. If you buy a dozen eggs, break one, do you throw out the other eleven perfectly fine eggs. No. You clean up the one and put the others in the fridge and go on with your day.

I love that.

Just because you may eat something you know you shouldn't does not mean you have to sacrifice the rest of your day.

Clean up your mess and move on. Simple.

So today, if I slip, I will wipe up the spill, refocus my thoughts and cravings, and move on.

Like newborn babies, you must crave pure spiritual milk so that you will grow into a full experience of salvation. Cry out for this nourishment.
1 Peter 2:2

No crying over spilled milk today.

By the way, this post is a HUGE milestone. This is my 100th post. That is one, zero, zero ya'll!

I think that deserves a piece of cake, don't you? Just kidding. Maybe.


Jenny said...

I am soooo with you on these posts, girl. Do I need to be your accountability partner? We can set our realistic goals & celebrate in December. Let me know if you want to do this together. I'm so ready.

BTW, congrats on #100!! Yippee!

Pat said...

Congratulations on your 100th blog......I have read each and every one of them and have related to almost every one of them and have really enjoyed ALL of them.....You have become quite the writer.....love you and so thankful to have you as a beloved daugher in law....looking forward to your next 100 blogs....keep up the good Word....btw....really related to this latest one.....Lord help me......

Barbara said...

It pays to not give up on some things, that's for sure. Can't wait to get together and share with you from the retreat....if you ever, ever need a speaker..other than you......I have been blessed to hear some of the best ever....it was an awesome, awesome retreat. Several of the messages have been posted in different places on line. It is amazing. Hope to see you soon

bbmommy2 said...

I am really needing this encouragement,(like Pat said),...Lord help me. You cracked me up with the candy bar thing. Ohhhh whats a girl to do...I WILL NOT throw in the towel!! I will DO BETTER 2morrow.

100 post, way to go girl!! Have yo self some cake...everything in moderation right!