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Friday, November 13, 2009

A Fresh New Look at the Word

Did you know that most people will hear the Word read aloud in church more than are likely to read it for themselves?

We love God.  We serve God.  We try to obey God.  But the one thing that helps us the most in our daily walk is the one thing we do the least.  Which is, read the Word.

Don't worry if you are feeling conviction right about now.  We all struggle to set aside time to read the one thing that can change everything for our good.

Makes no sense, I know.

We find time to shop, watch our fav shows (sports for the guys, HGTV for the gals) on the greatest high def TV's, read our favorite authors, spend time with the greatest friends.

I have always said, You make time to do what you want to do.

You might not be an early bird, but you let your favorite purse go on sale, starting at 7am, and you'll be the first in line (and I'll be right behind ya).

But seriously, this is My Fav Friday and what does all this have to do with that?

So glad you asked.  Really I am.

I read about this book last year.  Bought it this year.  And plan to start reading it next year.  Yeah, I like to really plan things out like that.

It is the One Year Chronological Bible written in the New Living Translation. 

365 days. 

15 minutes a day.

And on December 31, 2010, I will have read the entire Bible, in one of the greatest and easiest translations, in the order the events happened.

A fresh new look (or read) on getting into the Word daily. 

So, if you would like to take the journey with me click here to order your new Bible.  Or two.  Great gift idea ya know.

And if you leave me a comment sharing your desire to pack your bags (and reading glasses) and travel through a few thousand years with me, I will enter you into a drawing for your very own Chronological Bible. 

The journey will be long, but oh the stroies we'll have to tell.

Grab your cameras and lets go.



Pat said...

What a great idea Tina....I have the bible on dvd and love to sit and look at the scripture on screen as a well spoken orator reads to me....reading the chronological Bible through in 2010 is a great idea...I plan to do it too....I'll be sure and pick me up one.....love you and love reading your blogs.......also, Mark posted a picture of your Christmas tree....you beat me to it this year...putting mine up today....Keep the good blogs coming.......

bbmommy2 said...

What a perfect favorite Friday. I love this post and I would LOVE to join you on this journey in reading the entire Bible. I set this as a personal goal for myself back in July and I read every morning for a month. Then we started back to homeschooling (I homeschool my children) and my routine slowly slipped away. I still try to spend time in God's Word daily for there is nothing like His Daily Bread to put life into perspective.

I am going to get myself and my sister a copy of the Chronological Bible for Christmas. I am also looking for a good children/junior Bible for my son. Not a baby picture bible, we have read several children's Bibles over the years. He cannot get enough of the Word. I can't tell you in words how that feels in my heart. I tear up just writing about my son loving God so much. So I am looking for a good translation, with more detail than first Bibles but still not adult Bibles. No what I mean? Do you have any suggestion for a good Bible for an 8y.o boy?
As always, I love visiting here.


bbmommy2 said...

p.s. your new blog is beau-t-ful!!

I too, love to change things up now and then;o)


Anonymous said...

Hey girl, have you read The Divine Mentor by Wayne Cordeiro
I read this book this year & it has totally changed my time with the Lord and how I read the Bible and what I get from reading The Word! Fabulous book for anyone who desires a more intimate time in the Word.

Unreasonable Grace said...

I've tried too many times to read through the Bible in a year. I'm 50 and haven't managed it yet. Pretty pitiful. I'm ready to try again!


Like the cha cha cha changes to your new blog. I would love to go on this journey with you, I have read through the bible in a year before, a few times but never with anyone, and not chronilogically either. There are alot of people that don't realize that alot of the books are in the same time era because of the way it is set up but what a journey that would be for all the ladies at CCA to go on this trip together we don't get together enough!!!!

Desiree Steiner said...

This sounds so great. And doing it "with you" will make it even better - kind of an accountability thing, for those of us who need that. Will put it on my Christmas list.

Thanks for all you do to inspire us to be all God wants us to be.

Marlene said...

I have read the Bible through before and it was great. Ever since the days of working at the Christian Bookstore, I always wanted to purchase a Chronological Bible....alas, I never did. To me you could learn so much more by reading the Bible in the order in which things occurred.
Love and Prayers

Rona said...

This is a wonderful idea! A journey I would love to take. I would like to involve my family too. I have so often started and had all intentions to read the Bible through but never managed to complete. Yes, if we have time to watch tv or to read a book then we have time for God's word. Any time spent with God is time well spent. I so enjoy your blogs and thank you for your encouragement.

Anonymous said...

Don't enter me cause I have one already but I'm in! This will be a great journey!

Caley said...

That is me Caley above.. Lol