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Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Night of Two Firsts

What a cool and amazing evening the hubbs and I had last night.

It was filled with two Firsts for me.  My first 'First' was seeing Tim Tebow.  And not only did I see him, I got to see him do his thang on the practice field.  So I guess that qualifies as two first 'Firsts.'  Anyway, here is the pic I 'snapped' (pun intended) through the fence on my cellular device.

Yea, it was through a fence, but who cares.  It was neat to watch a few minutes of practice, even though we were not allowed.  Who knew.  Well we did after this nice young man informed us this was a closed practice and we needed to move on.

So we moved on and finished our walk over to the O'Connel Center to see my second 'First', Gator Basketball.

I guess church isn't the only place people will not come early to.  Did I just write that out loud?  Sorry. Also there was a double negative in that sentence.  Sorry again to all my English majors.

Oh My Goodness, this was the most AH-mazing $6 frozen yogurt I have ever tasted.  Yes, I only tasted.  Not because the greatest hubby in the world would not share more, if you remember from a few post back, I have a 'lil, or should I say 'heavy', issue. 

There is something about going to your yearly doctors appt (fun, fun) and stepping on the scale and that nasty thing telling you you have gained 20lbs from last year.  TWENTY I say.  So we, AHEM, I mean I have been working on that. 

At some point in the night you can expect to have a need to use the ladies room.  I wonder if my CCA gals will agree this is definitely the soap dispensers we need in the restroom of our new church.  How many should I order?

Albert and I

Note to self, Take your good camera to the next Gator sporting event.  iPhones are great but Nikons are greater in the pic dept.

I know this posting was not very 'spritiual' (well, unless you are a rabid Gator fan, then it fo sho was spiritual).  Tomorrow on My Fav Friday I am going to share another first with you.  This one is spiritual.

Love you guys and love the Gator Nation!!

Now I'm off to do a 'lil cleaning in the Johns Nation. 

See ya back here tomorrow,


Unreasonable Grace said...

I am so glad you finally get it! I remember when you didn't and you just thought I was crazy to be such a Gator football nut.

And yes, it is spiritual. Told you so!

When you order those soap dispensers, order one for me and I'll pay you back!

Also remember to ask Shayna about her close encounter of the Tebow kind!


Barbara said...

Yeah...Gator Nation and Tim Tebow...it was America is all about. And what a blessing to have such an icon for our young people who loves the Lord and doesn't mind sharing that. That alone makes Gator Football worth the time.

I'd like one of those soap dispensers too......Maybe you should have a giveaway