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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Knock Knock

Because our home sits directly off a main highway it seems that it calls out for every sales man or woman that passes by to come and knock on its door.

And as of late we have gotten every kind of sales person you could imagine.  From a man selling steaks to another selling carpet cleaners.  Thankfully we do not have carpet so I didn't feel so bad when when I said No thank you to that one.

So again, as I was preparing supper for my family last night (calling our favorite take-out joint) another car pulled up, another person with a clipboard stepped out and another knock on our front door followed.  

As if the man could not already tell someone was home, I told everyone to sit real still and do not say a word.  After a few moments, another knock.  This time it was coming from the door in our carport.  He was persistent, oh yes he was.

So, seeing as I was standing just on the other side of said door, and knowing he could hear our TV and see our Christmas lights on inside, I answered.

To my surprise, it was not a salesman.  Or someone doing a survey.  It was a gentleman that lived on our side of town dropping some gifts off for a mutual friend. Gifts that included a check.  Oh yes it did!! 

I ran across this story today and I wonder if God is not trying to tell me a little something?

An old beggar woman ran out of money. She couldn’t pay her rent or any of her bills and the landlord had threatened to throw her out if she didn’t soon pay up.

She had only a candle to keep her warm and on Christmas Day she warmed her hands over the candle. A knock came at her door and she was afraid to answer for fear that it was the landlord coming to kick her out of her humble abode.

She blew out her candle and sat quietly in the dark and waited for the intruder to leave. Two weeks later she found out that the knock on the door was the knock of a friend who had come to bring her enough money to pay her rent and pay her debts.

I wonder how many of us have from time to time heard the gentle knock of the Savior who wants so much to come in and free us from the burdens we carry but have ignored His knocking or were just too afraid to answer?

I pray this next year we will be sensitive to that still small knock... knock... knock. 

We never have to carry the heavy load alone. 

Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me. Revelation 3:20

So whether it's a knock on my door or a knock on the door of my heart...

I will answer. 

There just might be a blessing on the other side.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Place to Call Home

Today is a BIG day in the life of Christ Central Alachua.

Not just a big day, but a God day.

This morning we signed papers purchasing 15.4 acres of land…

One small step for God, one huge leap for mankind.

To give a little history, 20 months ago Mark, myself and a small band of people, with no church to worship in, no phone to call on, no office to work in, no curriculum to teach kids from (suffice it to say, we had nothing) came together and reformed CCA.

When we hit the ground in April of 2008, we hit it running.

To date over 90 people have come to Christ. The church has grown by over 200%. We have a wonderful school to worship in. Our administrative offices and youth facilities are located on beautiful Main Street, the heart of Alachua. And the lives of everyday people are being changed… every day.

We started 2009 not knowing how long we would have to be patient before we would have somewhere to call home. We close 2009 knowing exactly where that home will be.

So yeah, I'm pretty excited about the next decade that is just mere breaths away.

God has moved... 

is moving... 

and will forever move on our behalf.

To Him be all glory, honor and praise.  Great things He hath done!!

Our place we will call... Home.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Back to Life, Back to Reality

Sorry it’s been quiet here for a few weeks. I assure you, life was not so silent.

December is always insanely busy. I love Christmas time but am sad that some of the things I love most about it, I don’t have the time to enjoy.

Cards did not get out this year…

No family picture was taken…

Did not get a chance to ride around and admire everyone’s Christmas lights…

I purchased all the ingredients for my Fruit Cake Cookies in November, but no time to make and bake in December and…

… no blogs written.

I am VERY sad to put up my tree, wreaths, yard decorations and my favorite Christmas dishes. But I am SOOOO ready to start not just a new year, but a new decade.

The past 10 years have definitely been life changing for me.

And what the next 10 hold, I am excited to see... and live!

In the beginning was the Word... and the beginning of 2010 will begin with the Word for myself and a great group of men and women.  We are starting off the next decade reading through the Bible and there is still time for you to join in if you desire too.

We are reading the One Year Chronological Bible written in the New Living Translation. 365 daily readings arranged in the order the events actually occurred.

We start reading this Friday, January 1, 2010. Click here to order your Bible today.

Please click on the comments to let us know you are taking the journey with us!!

Praying you have a great last week of 2009 and will see you back here tomorrow.