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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Father Knows Best

Oh, I am so LOVING our journey through the Bible.  My heart's desire has been to write each day a little post regarding my insights for that day's reading. 

Unfortunately though, my crazy life that I love has not afforded that.  I am so sure you know what I mean. 

So far we have seen MANY shifts in just 6 short days.

We went from Creation, to the Fall to the Flood and today we landed on the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah.*

There were so many different points of interest that I wish I had the time to press a little deeper in study, but... I had to get to the office.  Don't want to make the boss mad, ya know.  (Even if he is married to me)

Insight #1

Did you notice in chapter 18 verse 6 when Abraham instructed his wife Sarah to go and make bread for their guest that she did not question and she did not make excuses as to why she did not have time? 

Sarah honored Abraham's request. 

Oh that I would always be eager to meet the needs of my husband without hesitation.  (Yep, gonna need a lil more prayer on that one.)

Insight #2

Sarah gives her husband the full respect he deserves and we see that as she calls him, my master, in verse18.  

Our husbands will not always do things deserving of our respect.  They will disappoint.  They are human.  As are we ladies and we too disappoint.  But he is the one God has placed to be the head of your household.  God has given him the authority.  So when we show and give respect to our husbands, even when they may not deserve it, you are ultimately honoring God.

Insight #3

God specifically told Abraham in chapter 12 verse 1 to leave his country and all his relatives and journey to a land that God would show him.

Abraham left, but he took Lot, his nephew with him.  He only partly obeyed.  And Lot has caused Abraham nothing but grief.

When God gives us a command it is in our best interest to follow that command completely.  I always tell my kids that when I instruct them to do or not to do something, I am not telling them to obey because I want to lord over them and assert my authority.  It is because I have lived a little longer than they have and I know the consequences that will come to their life if they choose not to take my advice or direction.

It can be so hard to follow God sometimes. 

Leave my family?  Leave my county? 

But had Abraham obeyed, even when he did not understand, the hardships that Lot caused him would have never happened.

Father knows best.

I have a couple more insights from today's readings that I may share tomorrow.  Right now my crazy life is calling again.

Love you and I am so thrilled to have you on this journey with me.  We have people from South Florida to Georgia all the way to Iowa that are traveling together on this road.  That is cool.

Please leave a comment with anything the Lord has been showing you over the past 6 days.  We would love to read them.

*Today's reading was Genesis 18:1 through 21:7

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