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Monday, January 18, 2010

Saying Goodbye to Genesis

Genesis 47:28 thru Genesis 50:26

We have made it all the way through Genesis and today we lost two great characters of the Bible, two men who held a great steadfast belief in the God of Abraham.  I will miss Jacob and Joseph.

But one of the greatest scriptures we love to quote and hook our prayers to was in our reading today. 

Jacob is dead and the brothers are fearful that Joseph is now going to take his revenge on them.  After all this time, their past is still haunting them. 

Joseph reassures them all is forgiven and says in verse 20 You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. 

Someone I follow on Twitter posted this today, Joseph's rejection drove him to his destiny.  What a revelation.  

His brothers rejected him, intended to harm him, but God turned it to good, for all of them.

Nobody likes rejection.  As a matter of fact that is why peer pressure has so much power.  We don't want to be the outcast so we become the conformist. 

There will be a point in everyone's life when rejection will come.  As hard as it can be, don't take it personally.  God may be pushing you into your destiny. 

Keep your head up.  Guard your heart, because you will have plenty of chances to become bitter.  And know, that if God is for you, it does not matter who is against you.

Joseph had a choice, forgive or take revenge.  The future of the nation of Israel was literally in his hands.  

There may come a day when someone comes to you and apologizes.  Their future may be in your hands and if you have grown bitter and stayed angry, reconciliation will not be possible.

I want to leave you with this... Did you notice in verse 25 that Joseph said, When God comes to help you and lead you back...?

The God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob,  and (insert your name here) is not an If God but a When God!

So don't worry about your rejection, heartbreaks and disappointments because when God comes he will help lead you into your destiny, and it will all turn for your good!!

Which we are about to see in the life of Job starting tomorrow.

Happy Monday,


Pat Johns said...

I love the book of Genesis....the story of Joseph is one of my favorites,,,Joseph's brothers were afraid he would "requite" them...another words make them pay dearly for what they had done to him.....Under the law - "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth"...he could legally have done this, but he chose to "erase" all their mistakes and gave grace instead.....Joseph is a type of Christ...that is exactly what Jesus has done for us...."erased" all our sins and now we are "justified"...just as if we never sinned...

What a blessing the Word is and oh what lessons we learn...".Lord help me put into practice everything you are showing me on this journey"....thanks Tina

Jim Steiner said...

Thx tina this reading has been great ,your words are incourging, love you and pastor mark. i feel i have grown so much sence we have been in alaucha.