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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Week One's Readings

For those of you who have committed to read through the Bible with us this year but have not received your Chronological Bible, here are the first week's readings.

January 1- Genesis 1:1-3:24
January 2- Genesis 4:1-5:32
                 1 Chronicles 1:1-4
                 Genesis 6:1-22

January 3- Genesis 7:1-10:5
                 1 Chronicles 1:1-7
                 Genesis 10:6-20
                 1 Chronicles 1:8-16
                 Genesis 10:21-30
                 1 Chronicles 1:17-23
                 Genesis 10:31-32

January 4- Genesis 11:1-26
                 1 Chronicles 1:24-27
                 Genesis 11:27-14:24

January 5- Genesis 15:1-17:27

January 6- Genesis 18:1-21:7

January 7- Genesis 21:8-23:20
                 Genesis 11:32
                 Genesis 24:1-67

Remember, we are reading the Bible chronologically as the events actually occured.  That is why there seems to be so much jumping around.

I am so please that we have around 50 people who are participating with us!  If you did not receive an email from me Friday, January 1st, then I do not have you added to the list.  Please email me at tina@ccalachua.com to let me know you are joining us.

Have a blessed weekend and stay warm!!


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Happy Hermit (happilyhiddenhermit@gmail.com) said...

Thank you so very much for sharing with us / me :)