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Monday, February 15, 2010

Equally Committed

Numbers 7:1-89

We have finished our 3rd book of the Bible and are moving right along to Numbers.  We will remain here and in Leviticus for a couple weeks. 

Today we saw all of Moses', and the children of Israel's, hard work come to completion with the erection and anointing of the temple and the presentation of offerings from all 12 tribes. 

I am sure you noticed that all 12 tribes gave the same exact thing.  One commentary I read explained how this shows us they were all equally committed to supporting the Tabernacle and the work of the Lord.

As soon as I read that I immediately thought of my church, your church and every church in the world.  I began to wonder, if every one of our members were equally committed to supporting the church and God's work, the things we could accomplish for His's glory would be mind blowing.

How many more people could we reach with the life saving gospel?

How many more families could be transformed?

How many more teens could we challenge to be a light in this dark world?

How many more dads could we teach and train to be men of honor?

How many more women could we encourage to be all God designed them to be?

How many more children could we spark a passion for God and a desire to live for Him all the days of their life?

How many more needy people in our community could we minister to with food, clothes and a warm hug?

Not every person can be committed on the same level.  Some have more time than others.  Some have more money than others.  Some have more experience than others.  But no matter what, we can all be fully committed on the level God has enabled us.

Which begs me to ask the next questions,

What area of my life and heart do I need to be more fully committed to God and His work?

Am I aware of the lost and hurting people God has placed in my life's path every day? 

And do I really care?

God no longer dwells in a temple, He dwells in us (1 Corinthians 6:19).  Therefore, if anything is going to be done for Him it is going to come through us.  We are His hands and His voice. 

Christ has no hands but our hands, to do his work today.
He has no feet but our feet, to lead men in his way.
He has no lips but our lips, to tell men how he died.
He has no self but ourselves, to bring men to his side.
St. Teresa of Avila

Remember way back on January 4th reading about the Tower of Babel?  All the people came together to build a tower to reach the sky.   This they hoped would make them famous all over the world. 

The Lord said in Genesis 11:6,  Look!  The people are united, and they speak the same language.  After this, nothing they set out to do will be impossible for them!

Today... our common language is Love. 

Our mission is to make Jesus famous. 

And when we all unite and commit to the level we are able, there will be nothing we cannot do for His glory.

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