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Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Ugly Dance

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Exodus 7:14 thru Exodus 12:51

Sorry I was not able to post a blog yesterday. This week has been crazy busy and my time was very limited.  But I am so glad to be back with you today!!

We have had some great readings these past couple of days. I totally forgot about the plague of darkness. The Lord told Moses it would be so thick you could feel it. Then I love what the Word said next, But there was light as usual where the people of Israel lived.

It’s the as usual that makes this girl wanna dance, although it wouldn’t be pretty. Trust me, this white girl can’t dance.

Israel is in bondage and has been for 430 years but God still shinned His light on them. And He is still shinning His light on you and me. (For the sake of my fam sitting in front of me I am containing my desire to get that ugly dance on.)

Moving on.

In our reading back on January 5th God told Abram, You can be sure that your descendants will be strangers in a foreign land, where they would be oppressed as slaves for 400 years. But I will punish the nation that enslaves them, and in the end they will come away with great wealth. Genesis 15:13-14

Today we saw that promise on all points come to fruition.

If you find yourself in bondage as the children of Israel were, then you need to do what they did. They cried out to God and never gave up hope. I know that they were discouraged as each year changed and their situation did not. I know it got hopeless. But they kept their faith and never forgot God and God never forgot them.

And when they came out, they had more wealth then when they entered in. God is so good.

Take-a-way truth: God keeps His promises. Never stop believing or crying out to Him.

In the end what did God instruct them to do, to celebrate annually the Festival of Passover. Why? Because we have a tenancy to forget our pain, our deliverance, and the God we serve once we are living in the Promised Land.

The day I gave birth to my children, once it was all over I remember saying, It wasn’t that bad. Now if you would have asked me while I was in labor that would not have been my answer AT ALL.

How fast we forget the pain of a child’s birth after holding them. But every year on July 11th and August 9th my kids’ births are celebrated. We remember the gifts they are and the day of my deliverance (literally).

How easily we forget God and what He’s brought us out of. The Passover was God’s way of never letting His people forget who He is, what He’s done and the promises that He keeps.

Today I would love for you to leave a comment of remembrance for a prayer God was faithful to answer. The Bible tells us that we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony. Revelation 12:11

Let do some testifying and some remembering today!

Just click comment below or send an email to me tina@ccalachua.com and I will post it for you.


Anonymous said...

I had a beautiful daughter, Krista, but I longed for another child. But after losing a son before Krista and losing two more children after having Krista, I was done. I could not take the pain of losing another child. I was not saved, but I did know how to pray and ask for things, but did not have a relationship with God.

I found out that a friend of mine lost a child in the same way that I had lost the last two, but she was pregnant again. Her courage was an inspiration to me and I made the decision to try ONE more time, but this time, I prayed and asked God to protect this child and allow me to have a healthy baby. I wore a cross around my neck with a tiny heart in the center during my pregnancy and I told myself that her heart was with the Lord. I gave birth to a healthy baby girl that is such a blessing to me. She is my miracle baby. Even though I did not "know" the Lord the way I do today, He still blessed me and showed me that He is in control and that I could trust Him.

As I look at Kimberly, I am reminded how blessed I am to have been given such a gift. I am thankful for both of my children, but most of all I am thankful that I now have a personal relationship with my Lord.


Debbie Hall said...

I want to thank God for starting my financial blessing. Sometimes it is hard to do what you feel in your spirit that he wants you to do, but you have to be brave enough to take the first STEP and the rest while come in his time. I thank and praise him for what he has done for me so far and what he is going to do.