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Thursday, February 11, 2010

A World with Two Gods

Exodus 32:1 thru Exodus 34:35

The fourth word in our reading leaped off the page when I read it today.

When the people saw how long it was taking Moses… Exodus 32:1

The people of Israel had their eyes on the wrong person, Moses. They were looking at Moses and when they could no longer see him they assumed he was lost. And seeing how he, their only connection to God, was lost then God too was lost.

Three more things stuck out when I continued to read this account in Exodus 32.

First, how quickly the Children of Israel forgot all God has done for them; bringing them out of Egypt, suppling manna and quail for them, giving direction by a cloud and by fire, turning bitter water sweet, and splitting the Red Sea.

You would think they would never leave nor forsake their God after all this. And really they didn't completely forsake God because in verse 6 we see them celebrating the festival of the Lord. We'll come back to that in a moment.

Second thing that jumped out was how easy it was for the people to persuade Aaron to make them a god (verse 1 and 2).

Thirdly, while God is telling Moses to get Aaron and his sons and set them apart (because they will be His priests) Aaron is making another god for Israel to worship (Exodus 28:1).

Makes me wonder how many times God was preparing something for me while I was off worshipping my own things.

Now back to the festival of the Lord.

We find them compromising by worshipping two gods.

If you will remember when Pharaoh was in talks with Moses, he too was trying to get them to compromise. He told Moses, Ok, go worship your God. Just don’t go too far into the wilderness. Exodus 8:28

See the Enemy does not mind if you come to church, just don’t go too far and sell out to God.

He does not mind if you take your Jesus to work, just don’t go too far and share Him.

He does not mind if you put a little in the offering, just don’t go too far and give your 10 percent plus your offering.

He does not mind if you give God your heart, just don’t go too far and give Him your whole heart.

You will never get all of God until you go too far and give all of yourself to Him.

We may be smarter than the Children of Israel and never worship a gold statue of a baby cow, but often times we too compromise and worship two gods, or should I say trinities…

Father, Son and Holy Spirit (what God wants) and… Me, Myself and I (what I want).

Thankfully God, Moses, and the Children of Israel get it all straight but not without some intersession and bloodshed.

Kinda sounds like a foreshadowing doesn’t it?

My prayer today-


You are the only true and living God who loves me even when I make mistakes or replace you with my own manufactured golden calf.  Help me to always keep my eyes on you and when I can't see you, help me to trust you even more.


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