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Monday, March 1, 2010

I Love a Plan

Numbers 6:1-27 & 10:1-36

The children of Israel are packed up and ready to move on to their next location. And let me just say, I love the precision of the instructions God gave to Moses as to how they were to pack and move throughout the land.

I know, sounds odd.  Truth is, I'm odd.  Just ask my kids.

But there was a method and an organized way to which they moved and that makes me grin because sometimes I think I can over organize and over plan. I am not one to move blindly through events. I think they call people like me control freaks. You see, I like things to go a certain way because I know you get certain results.

Again, there is a reason and purpose for the way God instructed them. I laughed when I read the order the tribes were to move because I am sure that everyone did not get why they had to do everything the way God described, the same way my family can so not get me sometimes.

We are getting ready to sell our home and I am already packing and organizing. (Pray my family survives me. Seriously.)  My husband and kids don't understand why I am doing this when we don't even have a sign up in our yard yet. But I know the less things in a house the better it shows and when we do sell half the work will already be done. 

So when you read Numbers 10:13-28 you get a better understanding as to the why God said to do it the way He said to do it. 

Did you notice which tribe was to lead the way? Judah.

There is so much meaning here that I wish I had time to really get into it. But here are a couple points of interest.

First, Judah means praise so their praise led the way. Your praise to God should always be first before your actions for God.

Second, Judah (Praise) was the largest tribe. Our praise should be greater than our fear, our doubts, or anything else that would separate us from God.

Third, Jesus came from the tribe of Judah so anything we ever experience in life, Jesus experienced it first. He went before us (as the tribe of Judah did for the children of Israel) and prepared the way.

Another purpose for God’s plan of action can be seen in verse 21, …Before they (the Kohathite division) arrived at the next camp, the Tabernacle would already be set up at its new location.

Therefore, when the Kohathites (who carried the sacred objects for the temple) arrived no time was wasted, they were ready and waiting to set up the temple.

Wasting time really gets my blood boiling. I think I love God even more now that I know He too does not like to waste time.

Lastly, Dan’s troops were the last to march serving as the rear guard for all the troops of Israel.  The rear guard protected them from the things they couldn't see coming their way.

Because man was not designed by the Creator with eyes in back of his head, God has covenanted with His people to protect and guard them from behind (Isaiah 52:12).

We ought to walk with confidence when we consider that the God of Omnipotence not only goes before us, but He guards us from behind!  Therefore we can boldly say, Even if I am walking through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, because you are with me! Psalm 23:4

I love order. I love God. I love that God loves order.

So today if you are struggling with why God is asking you to do something a particular way, trust Him that He has a plan, purpose and reason for it. He’s not trying to control you, He’s trying to protect you and make your travels on the road to your Promised Land the most productive for the Kingdom they can be.

Off to do some more planning, organizing, and packing,

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