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Monday, April 19, 2010

A Blast from the Past

1 Samuel 30:1-31, 1 Chronicles 12:20-22, 1 Samuel 31:1-13, 1 Chronicels 10:1-14, 9:40-44, 2 Samuel 4:4, 1:1-27

I wrote this post a year ago after reading a great book about our scriptures for today.  Hope you enjoy!! 

Nobody welcomes trouble and hard times. But these difficult moments in our lives are more than just hardships we have to endure; they are the catalysts that propel us forward, strengthen our resolves and can make us the kind of men and women other people want to follow.

Last night I had a great conversation with my teenage son. These moments are rare because, you know, I’m old and out of touch with reality, that is until some issue arises that needs a mom’s wisdom.

I am trying to help him handle a situation with grace and as I was giving my thoughts and advice last night, out of the blue, he said IT… to me! I could not believe it. I thought our relationship was different than other mother-son relationships.

I know it ALL. Doesn’t he know that? I know that.

But still he said it. And today his words are still echoing in my ears, “Mom, you just don’t understand.”

WOW! Me? I don’t understand?

I understand way better than he knows. You see, he’s never been 36, but I have been 17.

Right now he is living in the state of I’m-the-only-one-dealing-with-this.

Oh, Tyler is definitely not the first boy to go through the things he’s dealing with. But this is going to serve as another footer in the foundation of his life.

Difficult times are not fun, easy or even anticipated. But if we grow through them, they can serve us instead of master us.

I just finished reading What To Do on the Worst Day of Your Life, by Brian Zahnd, based on the tragic loss and then recovery at Ziklag. Throughout the entire book you see God’s hand in the life of David and all of these moments would one day serve him well when he becomes King.

Although this story takes place 3000 years ago, the steps David took to recover all the enemy stole are the same steps we need to take today to overcome all of life’s daunting obstacles. David’s story is a timeless model for how to encounter God’s restorative power in the midst of deep tragedy.

Today I would love to encourage you to read this book and discover for yourselves what David did on the worst day of his life.

Until next time, to all the moms out there, I feel ya when your little darlings look at you and say, “Mom, you just don’t understand."

Oh, and they will say IT.

p.s.  I would love for you to share your thoughts and the lessons you learned on how David responded in 1 Samuel 30.  What would you have done?

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