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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Casting... Again

As I write this I am in Tampa, Florida.  In a hotel room.  Alone.  (Well almost alone.  I'll get to that in a sec.)

I am speaking at a ladies conference this weekend and decided to come down a day early to get in some MUCH needed quiet time with the Lord.

I have been running on empty these past few weeks, ahem, months.  That, my friend, is no good.  And I know this.  So how have I let myself get to this point?

Good question.  Same reason we all do.  L-I-F-E.

Our church has been in a season of change.  This change has created a great workload for our staff and volunteers.  But this change is good. 

Me not resting and trusting in God daily for my every need, not good.

Our home is up for sale. This is good.  But all that needs to be done to maintain it for those can-we-come-see-your-house-today calls... not good.  As a matter of fact, those things that need to be done, well they aren't getting done... at all.  So what do I do?  I stress.  Not good.

So today I have had the opportunity to step back, rest, refocus, be still, and listen to that still small voice that says once more, Cast all your cares, Tina, on me, because I care for you.

I'm caring about my house that needs to sell, my house that needs to be built, my church, my church building that needs to be built, my family, my life, my bills... 

But my God... He's caring about me.

So tonight, as I sit alone with God, I give it all to Him.  And I ask Him to forgive me for trying to take His place as the Controller of My Universe.

I am so thankful that He cares. I am so thankful that He not only cares, but that He has gone before me and He is not only standing in my today, but He is waiting for me in my tomorrow.

I love Him so.

Resting in Him tonight,


Unknown said...

Wow I so hear you Tina! great Reminder for all of us! thanks for the insight really Blessed me and spoke into my situation too! have a great conference, Father the anointing breaks the yoke, release a fresh outpouring of your Holy Spirit power on Tina today! amen

Unknown said...

Just awesome. Some kind of way you always know how or what I am thinking and feeling. When you have time check out my blog let me know what you think. Thanks