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Monday, September 27, 2010

Found People Find People

If you are new to this blog, please know that some of the postings are regarding the daily reading from the One Year Chronological Bible.  Collectively there are about 80 people reading through the Bible this year.  If you would like to join in we just started the New Testament.  You can get the daily readings on my Facebook page where they are posted each morning.  Would love for you to jump in with us!!

I am so excited we have moved into the New Testament and even though the scriptures we read over the weekend were ones we have read countless times, it still never gets old to read about the foretelling and birth of Jesus. 

Today our reading started off with Jesus' 40 days of fasting and temptation in the wilderness followed by the gathering of His first disciples.

Can you imagine with me for a moment?  Their whole lives these guys knew one day a man was coming, a Messiah, that would take away the sins of the world... take away their sins.

It was a story that had been told for many generations before them, but could they have ever believed that the one day would have ever been in their day?

AND, this Savior... is now standing before them... choosing them... to come and follow Him?

What a moment!  A moment that changed the rest of their lives... forever. 

He enlisted Andrew then Simon, whom He changed his name to Peter, and in verse 43 of John chapter 1 it said, The next day... He [Jesus] found Philip...

Two verses later, Philip went and found Nathanael.

Found People Find People!

Philip knew Nathanael needed to come and see Jesus for himself (verse 46).

Who do you know that needs to see Him?

Who do you know that desperately needs a relationship with Jesus Christ?

We too once were lost, but now we are... found.

If we care about Jesus Christ then we will care about the people who are far from Jesus Christ and the only problem with those that don't know Christ is that they don't know Christ.

How will they know the answer... to EVERYTHING... is Jesus unless we (the found) find them, and then tell them?

Jesus found Philip.  Philip found Nathanael.  Someone found you. 

Now, who will you go and find?

It may be the moment that changes the rest of their lives... forever!

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