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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Do You See What I See

For those of you who are going through the One Year Chronological Bible with me, you know that today's reading started off with some pretty boring stuff.  Actually, as we have been reading through the entire Bible this year we have come across many boring areas- places where there are lists... after lists... to read through.  With names of people and places I cannot even begin to pronounce I might add.

Bor... ing.

But if you are like me you wonder, Why place a detailed list of the names of the families returning to Israel from exile?   Is there really a need for this? 

Yes.  You see, everything in the Bible has a purpose.  And if that is true, the next question is, How is my life better off because of reading this detailed list?

Because, have you ever felt like you have been living in exile?  Like your life was imprisoned by some evil ruler and you could not break those chains of bondage?

I for sure have.

The list of those returning home was not only to show the historical importance of this event, but to show us that God keeps track of the activities of His people – then and today. God knew all about them, all they were going through, what they were doing, and the same is true today for you and for me.

God does keep records. He knows where you are at all times. This should be both a great comfort to us, and a warning to us to live our lives for Him.

One more thing that struck me in today's reading was Ezra 2:68 that said, They came to the Temple of the Lord.

This temple had been destroyed, but the verse does not say that the people returned to the ruins of the temple, but rather to the Temple of the Lord

It was still the house of the Lord in the mind of God and in the minds of His people.

What a great attitude!

How do you look at things?  Do you see a mess or do you look at them as already being accomplished for God?

I know every time I drive down Hwy 441 in Alachua, I look over at our 15.4 acres and I do not see a bare piece of property.  I see buildings after buildings.  I see a parking lot filled with cars that have brought people- broken people, to hear about a Savior- a Savior that heals broken and exiled lives. 

A Temple of the Lord... that's what I see.

Verse 68 & 69 goes on to say that they all made voluntary offerings toward the rebuilding and each gave as much as they could.

CCA began a capital raising campaign two Sundays ago.  Each family that can has pledged to give as much as they can in the next 5 months to the building of those buildings off 441. 

The Bible says that when people are unified for a common cause, together there is nothing we can't do!  I am excited to see how God is going to use His people to further His Kingdom.

Tomorrow I want to dive a little deeper into giving, because what it really comes down to is... trusting.

More on that tomorrow.

Until then... in my singing voice... Do you see what I see?

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