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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Preparing for 2011

I am VERY excited to share with you today the great opportunity I mentioned at the close of yesterday's post.  But yesterday I also shared with you about The Bash where last night Mark and I were the judges of our youth's costumes and, ahem, food.

So I thought I would give you a little glimpse into last night's events...

Here we are along with our Verge Student Ministries Pastors, Jay and Caley.

Our Verge Staff, aka, characters from Alice in Wonderland.

As I stated, we had to judge the food.  The criteria for winning was it had to be the best tasting AND the most repulsive and this one definitely qualified.  Diaper Dip, and yep we had to eat it.

It was an awesome night!!  You can go to my facebook page to view all the pictures, which includes the Dirty Mop Water Punch that was served, you guessed it, in a mop bucket.

Now on to what I pray you will join me in next year.

This time last year I announced and invited everyone who was interested to join me on a journey; a 365 day journey through the Word of God. 

Over 80 people from all over the country, along with myself, have been reading The One Year Chronological Bible and it has been one of the most amazing adventures through the Word I have ever been on.

I really wanted to continue on after December 31, 2010, but I also wanted us to dig a little deeper.  In 2010 we have read the Word, but in 2011 I want us to seal the Word in our hearts.

The Message//Remix: Solo is designed to not teach you to study the Bible, but rather develop a conversation between you and God.  This is more about Bible basking than Bible study.  Through this uncommon devotional you will read, think, pray and live the scriptures every day of 2011.

You can purchase this book at Christian bookstores, ChristianBook.com , or Amazon.com for around $10.00.  These also make great Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers.

If you attend CCA and would like to purchase one you can turn in your $10 and we send in an order November 15th.  

Oh I hope and pray you will jump in with me on this as we quiet ourselves for just a few moments each day to hear the voice of God as He speaks to us, challenges us, and moves us into a deeper understanding of His life-giving Word.

I am going to give away TWO of these books.  One will go to a current reader who is going through the Chronological Bible, but you must leave a comment on this post expressing what reading through the Bible this year has meant to you.  I will randomly choose from those comments.

The next person to win will be someone who will be new to our journey.  So if you plan to jump on board next year leave me a comment as well and I will randomly choose one of you also to win your very own devotional.

I will announce the winners on Monday.

Have a blessed day,


Unknown said...

I can not wait to see what God has in store for CCA and my family in the new year. I have been so happy to serve anywhere and were ever is need. But to sit back and watch my teen get in and help out. Not to be seen but so God would be pleased with him. I guess I founded what I have to do. Last night was so great for the kids and the adults that was there. Just to see the kids laughing and dancing and having fun in a CHRISTIAN setting. I thank Pastors Jay and Caley, but we also thanks you (Pastors Mark and Tina) for making a place for our children to have a place to come to that is safe and full with GOD'S LOVE.

Pat Johns said...

Reading through the chronological bible has been a life changing experience for me.....I have loved every minute of it.....I have read through the King James several times but always wanted to take this journey in the chronological bible.....

Thanks Tina for keeping us motivated this year with your weekly, sometimes daily, blogs....they have added soooo much......

If I don't win this drawing, please put me down on your order list for your new book for 2011.....

Love you and can't wait to worship with you, Mark and the wonderful people of CCA again.....

Pat Taaffe said...

Tina, I'd love to join you on this journey. The devotional sounds wonderful. Just the in roads to exploring fresh communication with my best friend and Lord.

Jenny Lloyd said...

Sweet Pea,

You know I gotta do it. You being one of my bestest gal pals, it will be a great way to keep in touch with you too. Wow! Closer to God & to Tina Johns in one year - sounds like a heavenly year. I have learned that doing anything completely requires accountability. Checking your blog daily will be a great way to stay focused on my daily quest to know my amazing Savior & Lord better. Can you order a book for me with your group & I'll pay ya on Tues? Love ya sooooo much!!

Vicki Calvert said...

I am a CCA newbie. I am enjoying being accepted into the "fold." I am attending Growth Track classes now and truly love all that is going on with CCA. It's a little overwhelming at first, the love that everyone shows for one another and all the community outreaches. I have dipped my toes into CCA water and I am so tempted to dive right in. I plan to be in on the reading of "Solo" and follow your postings. Please order a book for me as well. Thank you Pastor Tina. You are such a blessing.

Nancy Dolan said...

Looking forward to starting the new year 2011 off on such a postive and uplifting way!! Can't wait to Bible Bask( love that) ! It sounds like there will be alot of practical everyday applications to this daily devotion.