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Monday, November 1, 2010

Moved to Action

There are only two months left in 2010 which means the Holidaze, I mean, Holidays are here.  

Today I chatted with Caley about Crave's Thanksgiving meal.  Emailed Kim, our Ladies Ministries leader, about our P31 shopping trip this Saturday.  And discussed with my mom what Christmas gifts my kids may want.

I am well aware how fast these next 61 days will go by.  Way too fast for me.  

In our chronological reading we have come to the arrest of Jesus. I know He was well aware of how fast his 3 year ministry would go by.  What did that kind of knowledge do to Him?  

I'm sure it caused Him to wake up each day with a sense of extreme urgency and purpose.

And now His whole purpose for coming is about to be fulfilled. 

In December we will celebrate His birth, but this week we will read about His death.  He truly is the reason for the season but WE are the reason He came in the first place.

To forgive us.

To love us.

To serve us.

So let's purpose in these next 8 weeks to do the same.  What better way to close out 2010 and welcome 2011 then by making a difference in the lives of others? 

Let's not allow Christ's story to just move us to tears, let's be moved to action.

I am so excited for all who are joining in on our journey next year (click here to read all about it.)  The winners of the The Message Remix Solo: An Uncommon Devotional are... drum roll please... 

Pat Johns and Vicki Calvert!!!  And the crowd goes wild... or at least the winners do. (smile)

Again, CCA you can give me $10 by the 14th and I will get your book ordered.



Pat Johns said...

I am so excited that I am one of the winners of the new devotional book we will be reading for 2011!!!!!

I love that so many new ladies are climbing on board to
experience this great journey...

Thanks Tina for all you do for all of us......believe me it does not go unnoticed by us or God....

Love you......

Vicki Calvert said...

I am looking forward to reading along with the ladies (and to getting my free copy of the Solo Devotional, Thanks Pastor Tina!) I anticipate moments of eye opening wonder as we all contemplate the Lord and issues like the one you just mentioned in your blog. Bring on 2011!