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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Marking Time

I try to catch NBC's Nightly News each night when I'm home. (Which means I don't watch much news.)

On our last trip to New York we toured their studio and there is just something about seeing where you once stood projected on the big screen.

Although that's not the reason I watch that particular news cast, it was neat to have that experience with my hubs and daughter last year.

Any ole who, at the end of the broadcast last night they played a video pieced together this time each year, a final farewell to those we lost in 2010.

I was moved. But not to tears... to action.

These people are not remembered because of a huge inheritance they may have left behind. They are remembered because every one of those men and women accomplished great things in their life.

Although thousands of people across the United States died this year, those who history will remember are the ones who had purpose, vision and a drive to win in life no matter what the cost... forever making their mark in time.

My take-a-way...

History, or NBC's Nightly News, may not sing our praises when we pass, but if we live with purpose, vision and a will to win no matter the odds stacked against us, we will make our mark on someone's life.

And that to me is better than leaving behind any amount of monetary riches.

Marking Time,

Click here to watch NBC's farewell video for 2010.

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