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Friday, February 18, 2011

Going to the Chapel

Tomorrow at 5pm I will be attending a second wedding in 8 days. 

I so love to purchase that perfect gift that fits each bride and groom.  Last night I found the sweetest spring cake plate that I pray my niece and her soon to be hubs gets years of enjoyment out of.  Of course, he'll love what she puts in it and she'll love just looking at it.

Ahh, young love.  It's so sweet.  So fresh.  So new.

Those of us who have been married a while know that after the wedding comes the marriage.   And statistics prove most brides and grooms spend more time preparing for the wedding than they do preparing for the marriage.  The wedding is a one day event, but the marriage is a daily journey with many seen and unforeseen events. 

I was looking through the cards last night for the perfect one (yes, I can admit I have a perfection problem).  I want to share its inscription with you today because it's a great reminder of how to make our marriage last a lifetime. 

And we all need these little reminders untucked in our hearts from time to time.
How to Make
A Beautiful Life Together
Reflections on Marriage for the Bride and Groom

Let love be your shelter.
The world is noisy and confusing at times,
so make a home that is a haven,
a peaceful place where you can listen to your hearts and savor
the comfortable closeness you share.

No matter how busy your days may be,
make time for yourselves.
Hold hands.  Unwind.  Surprise each other.
Find little chances each day to show
you're grateful to be partners,
to be friends,
to be married.

Life is not perfect.
You will make mistakes, but each time
you will meet life's challenges together,
you will grow wiser, stronger,
and surer of your love.

Cherish your yesterdays.
They are irreplaceable souvenirs
of your journey through life.
Make memories that will bring smiles
and sighs whenever you look back.
And look back often.

Look forward, too.
Dream together.  Plan together.
Make promises to keep.
Believe in your tomorrows,
because tomorrows are what
forever is make of.

To make love last,
put each other first.
That is the way to make a
beautiful life together,
the kind of life you
both deserve so much.

So, tomorrow I'll be going to the chapel, with perfect cake plate and perfect card in hand, to watch Angel and Seth say their I do's

And I pray on their 20th year of marriage they will be as happy and blessed as their Aunt Tina and Uncle Mark are on ours.


Pat Johns said...

Loved your blog today Tina......also love the beautiful cake plate for the lucky couple......

Seth and Angel are 23, which is a good age for marriage.......knowing they are followers of Christ is a great comfort to this, Angel's grandmother....

Looking forward to seeing their journey together and where God takes them.......

Sistergirl said...

Pretty plate. Its a blessing that you have so many weddings.