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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Where the Sermon Begins

I filled in for Jay last Sunday for our Huddle.  I love our Huddle times each week because it’s the time we get all our team leaders together and focus them mentally, encourage them spiritually, and inform them of any changes in our service structure that day allowing us to have a win in every department.

I had the privilege to share with our team the amazing time we experienced at Unleash this past week. We took 17 staff and leaders to New Spring Church in Anderson, SC for a one day church leader’s conference.

As we traveled home Friday, Mark posed these questions to everyone, What impacted you most about Unleash? What nugget are you taking home with you?

I wrote down each of their answers and I want to share them with you as I did in our Huddle Sunday.

-The overwhelming excitement of their people to see us was amazing.

-They were very humbled by the fact that we came to their church to learn.

-If you asked any volunteer (and by the way they had over 600 working that day) a question regarding the church they could answer it. They cared enough about their church to know what was going on in their church.

-If you gave them a piece of trash to throw away for you they said 'Thank You', when we were the ones who were appreciative.

-You felt no stress or strife among the workers because you could tell they were well prepared for the day… mentally, physically and spiritually.

-They demonstrated a genuine love… all day long. Not just early in the day, but all the way through the day until we left their campus, they were smiling and eager to serve us.

These are just a few of the comments our leaders made on the bus ride home but ALL of our leader's comments had the same theme.

You see, we attended 2 main sessions together and then had the opportunity to take part in 21 break-out sessions.  My observation was this, the comments made were not about the awesome word and teachings that went forth (and it was awesome); it was the experience that impacted our leaders.

The sermon did not begin when Perry Noble took the stage to minister, the sermon began in the parking lot at 7am with every one of their volunteers, and the sermon did not end until we left at 5pm that afternoon.

CCA, we know our church is not about us, it’s about the people who have not yet experienced what we have.  Each Sunday we get the chance to create an environment for those who are lost to come and hear about Christ that saves. 

Our sermons never begin when Mark takes the stage, it always begins when the first guest steps foot on the school campus.  Mark shares the sermon on Sundays, we get to show it!

And when we continue giving them an amazing experience worth talking about, they will continue returning, allowing us more opportunities to share Christ with them... and the people they bring back with them!! Just as we will take 100 more people back next year to Unleash. I hope you're one of them!!

If you serve at CCA in any capacity, thank you. Thank you for being a vital part of the body of Christ. We are His hands and we are His voice to a world that is lost and searching for something that is real.

Christ is real. And He is realized through us. What an honor.

I Love My Church!!

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Unknown said...

What a great perspective. You are so right. You have forever changed the way I look at ministry. thanks.