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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I want to be him

I want to be that man with only a bicycle and a back pack.

Really, sometimes I do.

As the hubs and I were making our daily commute to Alachua this morning we passed a white haired man riding his bike on the side of the road and just for a moment I envied him.

He seemed to have no responsibilities.

Not a care in the world.

No place he had to be.

No needs he had to meet.

And in that split second I wanted to be him.

I even laughed out loud when the thought raced through my mind at the speed of life.

When we are overworked, stressed, and tired it can easily seem appealing to want a carefree life. If this is where you too find yourself from time to time then number one… you need to rest. I need to rest.

Often times though we resist rest. And what we don't recognize is when we refuse rest, and choose to resist, we are focusing on the fourth letter in that little word resist… I.

But when we take the focus off ourselves, off our to do list, off of thinking the world will fall apart if we are not there to hold it all together, then we can enter into that place of sweet rest.

Second thing we need to do is learn to say that small word with a positive impact, no. No is usually a negative word, but when we choose to say no to some good things to have time for the best things (God, family, ourselves) then the effect it will have on our lives and the lives of others will be not just good, but if I may quote Tony the Tiger, GRRREAT!!

Yes, it would be nice to be the man on the bike from time to time, but I sure would hate to miss this life of purpose God has called us all to.

Stay rested.

Stay focused.

Because when fatigue walks in… your faith will walk out.

Christ did not die for us to have a faithless life but a faith-filled one.

I pray you are pondering His life and death this week as I am.  Let's not waste one single second of the life He died to give us, even if the second is filled with His sweet rest.


Pat Johns said...

Enjoyed your blog Tina.....you are not alone.....I remember feeling the same way many times as a busy wife, mother and pastor's wife.....
We are not alone....a minister we both know, Bro. Walter Atkinson while pastoring a large church in Tenn. said he was so exhausted one day he looked out the window and saw the garbage man picking up their garbage and said "I actually envied him....no pressure and limited responsibilities".

You're soooo right.....rest is imperitive......God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh.....

Love what God is doing thru you, Mark and the great people of CCA.....prayers and blessings on you all.....

Unknown said...

I absolutely loved reading this!