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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Answer Number 1

If you missed the intro to this series click here.

Today we are looking at our first answer to the question, What does my husband need from me?

Build him up and Believe in him

Your husband needs your loving affirmation. So, let’s look at a couple ways to do this.

#1 Praise your husband for who he is and what he does well. Minimize the rest. For example, learned to focus on the finished quality of your husband’s home repair projects, not the months he took to complete them. (grin)

#2 Show appreciation for the great moments you have when he’s at home with the family instead of complaining about the countless hours his job may require him to be away. Remember, he’s working hard not just because he may love his job, but as the man of the house he knows it’s his responsibility to provide for his family. And his job is the way he does this. Thank him for that.

#3 Understand the daily pressures faced by your husband that leaves him physically and mentally drained when he comes home. Learn not to join forces with today’s competitive world that tries to tear at his weak points. Husbands need to find their praise and admiration waiting for them at home, regardless of the shape in which our busy overworked society leaves them each day.

#4 The devil and the world are right there telling him everything he cannot do and why he cannot do it, he needs you to be the one telling him why he can.

And let me leave you today with a little secret, he cares more about impressing you than anyone else.

Let him know he does.

Hope to see you back here Monday for answer #2.

Hope you're having a blessed weekend!!  


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