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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Answer Number 3

What does your husband need from you?

Answer number 3...

He needs you to be his wife, not his mom.

If you treat him like a child, he will act like a child.  If you treat him like a man, he will act like a man.

It is sad how many men today did not grow up with a father, a real man, that taught them how to be a man. Too many men were raised lovingly by their moms, good moms, caring moms, but women cannot teach a boy how to be a strong man, that has to come from another man.

Then when said man marries, it becomes easy for him to allow a wife to lead.  It’s all he knows.

If over the course of your marriage you had to be the man so to speak, be the leader in your family, it is now your responsibility to step down from that position and hand over the reins to your husband.  I know he may be growing into the leader, and he might not be quite there yet, but he will never make it there if you are always stepping in and not stepping down.

Yes, he may not be as good as you at some things, but how will he ever learn if you do it for him. It doesn’t mean you can’t help, remember, we are his help meet, but he is the head of your home.  And God is the one who set Him there.  So when you honor your husband in this way, you are ultimately honoring God.

If you want a man you respect, then you have got to continue to give him the space and time to grow into the priest and leader of the home. He can’t be the King of the castle if you aren’t willing to get off the throne.

And here's a little secret revealed about us women, whether or not you recognize it, over time you will lose respect for your husband if he is not the leader.

Let him know he is.

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Anonymous said...

So true!