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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Answer Number 5

What your husband needs from you...

Answer number 5

Pray for him

If you are not covering your man with prayer, then who is?

Do you struggle building him up and believing in him when you do not feel he does the same for you? Pray.

If you find it hard to respect him sometimes when he acts disrespectful to you.  Pray.

“Be his wife and not his mom!?!? He needs to grow up!!”  No, you need to pray.

Is protecting him the last thing you want to do because you feel no protection from him? Pray.

Our first reaction in these negative areas is to begin preaching at our husbands, you know, hell fire and brimstone kind of preaching. You are not God, and you will never change him with this tactic. You will succeed in causing him to resent you though.

James 5:16 says, "The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous wife avails much." (emphasis added)

Someone once said, No prayer, no impact. Little prayer, little impact. Much prayer, much impact.

But most of our prayer time is spent in reactive praying instead of proactive praying.

When things go wrong, then we pray for them to turn right.

When we get sick, then we pray to get well.

When our kids are acting crazy, then we pray for their sanity (and ours).

And when our marriage is falling apart, then we pray for it to be put back together.

So I want to give you a link to 31 days of proactive prayers for your husband. I want to encourage you to print them out and pray them along with the verses provided each day. (Click here to read and print the prayers.)

No, there’s not magic pill for your marriage. But praying does produce miracles!!

No one else on this earth will touch the heart of God for your man like you.

And your husband NEEDS you praying for him.

Let him know you do.

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