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Monday, August 15, 2011

Lifetime Memories

Fifteen years ago this week my mother and I took my son Tyler to buy new clothes for his very first year of school.

He was so excited.

I was so excited for him.

After a wonderful day of shopping for shirts, shorts, socks and shoes we stopped by a friend’s house on our way home for a short visit.

As we were saying our goodbyes my son, wearing his new school shoes (it’s important to add that), looked at the tempting pool in the back yard and starting running toward it as if he was going to do a cannon ball right in the middle of the shimmering sea of blue water, and just before he ran out of concrete…

he took one final step…

and jumped right in the middle of the pool, new shoes and all.

We stood there stunned at what just happened.

He came up from under the deep shimmering sea of blue water stunned at what he just did.

Of course laughter ensued. What else could we do? We knew his intention was to stop. But his feet did not listen to his head. It is a memory, a good memory, that will last in our minds for a lifetime.

Some memories aren’t as good though, and sadly they too will last in our minds for a lifetime.

Sunday night I finally got a chance to go see Cowboys and Aliens. I’ll give it a C on the grading scale. It definitely won’t make it on my I-gotta-see-that-again list. I was hoping it would be as good as the previews implied. It wasn’t.

But anyways, there was a line in the movie where the dying preacher, (there’s always at least one in every western movie) looks at the loner, rebel, ‘bad-guy’ and says, “It doesn’t matter what you did yesterday, it only matters who you are today."

Great words for anybody, cowboy or not, to live by.

We will never wipe away our bad memories of yesterday, but what we do today can add good memories to our tomorrows.

Memories may live in your minds forever but how you live out the rest of your life can speak louder than any whispers from your past.

Today, Tyler has completed all his schooling growing up in the process (literally overnight I have to say ) and has become a responsible working young man (that was hard to write, this mom sometimes wants him to be that cute 5 year old again).

The past 20 years of my life are filled with so many memories of him and one day he will have a wife and kids of his own making memoires that will last him a lifetime too.

So just some quick words of advice…

If you are a parent, cherish every moment you have with your kids this school year and purpose to make memories to last a lifetime with them and take LOTS of pictures, even when they say, “Oh, no! Here she comes again with the camera.” One day when they are older they will be glad you did.

At least that’s what I keep telling myself. (smiles)

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