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Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Little More Structure

A continuation from yesterday...

Here are two things in my electronic world that brings a semblance of order to my life.

#1. Myself and most of the staff at CCA use an online program called Action Method which I can refer  to all day long from my computer, iPad and iPhone. It’s basically a to-do list on steroids. If there is ANYTHING that I have to do, it becomes an action step in my Action Method. I get excited every time I get to click off a completed step which in turn helps me feel accomplished as I move through the day. 

And if you are working on a project with someone you can delegate an action step to that person and once they complete it, Action Method let's you know.  No need to follow up because Action Method lets you know if that step has been completed or if it has become over due.  Worth checking out if you have to delegate tasks often.

#2. Every day I do two things to my emails. I delete any email that I will never need again like an ad for a one day sale at JCPenny. And if I do need to keep a certain email, I have 34 files on my Gmail account where I file them away so I can refer to them again if need be.

If an email requires me to do something, I create an action step in my Action Method then I file the email, unless I really do need to refer to it in the next day or two, then I will let it hang out in my in box a little while longer.

OK, so here is how I do my email filing system... Let’s say your child is on the high school football team, you would create a file that says Tiger Football and every email you receive from the coach, parent or school regarding Tiger Football would go into that file. This eliminates you searching forever through hundreds of emails for that one email with the new schedule in it.

You could have a file for anything from your bills to recipes. THIS has been one of the greatest assets to my daily routine because most of my communication with the people I serve at CCA, businesses I have frequent contact with, and even my Life Group members is through email. With this system of files I stay well organized and can refer to any email quickly. LOVE IT (in my singing voice)

So I hope these past two posts have given you some ideas to help bring some routine, peace, and structure to your daily life as your family embarks on this new school year.

Enjoy your last weekend of summer,

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