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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Leading in your Strengths

I have learned that to be a good leader you can never stop learning.  Here is one thing I have learned and emailed our leadership team at CCA today.  Hope it helps you too if you lead a team on your job, in your church, or even at your kids school.

A huge factor to leading well is to focus on your strengths and assign your weaknesses to someone with that strength.

Often times we think when we find that weak area in our leadership we need to focus and spend our time working to improve that area. But when you do this you are neglecting the things you do right and are leading from your weak spot. Therefore you are minimizing your potential success.

So what's the solution? Staff your weak areas. Example: If you find it very easy to get a big picture for an event but find it difficult to think through the details, delegate that to someone on your team that can handle the logistics.

I used to feel guilty because as a leader I thought I should be able to 'do it all'. Then I realized I don't expect others to be able to do it all, so why should I think I could. I was trying to be perfect. I'm not.

I discovered we were more successful as I enlisted people who were gifted in my weak areas because #1 we were all working from our strengths and #2 not just one person was passionate about the cause, many were.

So set your priorities and focus on your strengths and delegate the rest. You will find your life less stressful and your projects more successful.