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Monday, September 5, 2011

Taking a look back

There is a reason a car has a very large windshield and a very small rear view mirror.

We need to have our eyes focused on where we are heading.

We need to only glance at what's behind.

This past week two incredible opportunities opened up for CCA that are more than amazing. I shared with the hubs that for me this week has been the most exciting week of CCA's 3 year and 4 month life.

It's the most exciting not because of these two opportunities but because the two opportunities have caused me to glance back in CCA's rear view mirror.

I invite you to reflect with me for just a moment.

In April of 2008 we walked into a small room to about thirty people to share with them the vision of CCA.

This is a picture of Mark praying for us and CCA that day.

Those 30 have turned into 230.  Yes, CCA has grown, but more importantly, the Kingdom is growing!

In April 2008 we began this journey with only a dream and a prayer, literally. So we began to purchase banners, sound equipment, nursery supplies, and even a pulpit.

Today we have 15 beautiful acres and soon we will be breaking ground on our first building.

Those few necessary supplies are about to turn into a 15,600 square feet ministry facility.

This past April we had over 2000 people on our property for the largest Easter Egg Hunt in Alachua. And next year the city, who by the way has hosted an annual hunt for the past 28 years, wants to discontinue theirs and join in on ours.

In November we will graduate our 2nd class of Men of Honor. Over thirty men’s lives will never be the same.

Countless marriages have been restored.

Countless jobs have opened up.

Countless prayers have been answered.

Countless friendships have been formed.

Countless people have come to know Christ as their savior.

As I prepared the congregation to give yesterday, I shared with them that this was all made possible only because we have been faithful to give of our time, our talent, and our tithe and offering.

We have been faithful with little and God has turned it into so much more in only three short years.

This is why I told Mark last Wednesday this is the most exciting week in the life of CCA. Because I took time to reflect on all God has done through a small yet faithful group of people.

My eyes are set on what’s ahead, but my heart is so full because of what’s already behind.

If God has done all this in three short years, I can’t possibly imagine what the next three will hold.

CCA, get ready, because I believe God wants us to do so much more than we could dream possible.

Always remember, with God nothing shall be impossible. (Luke 1:37)

I Love My Church,

1 comment:

pat Johns said...

I too am amazed at the progress of CCA in these few short years, also excited about the future....

Truly the favor of God is on you, Pastor Mark and the congregation at CCA.....To God be the Glory!!!!!