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Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Greatest Book Ever Written

Alarming but true... For the most part, many church attenders only read the Word once a week... Sundays as they follow along with the Pastor.

We love God.  We serve God.  We try to obey God.  But the one thing that helps us the most in our daily walk with God (reading and learning His Word) is the one thing we seem to do the least. 

We all at one time or another have struggled to set aside time to read the one thing that can change everything for our good.

Sometimes our list of Important-Things-To-Do can be so backwards.

We find time to shop, watch our favorite shows on the greatest of high def TV's, read our favorite authors, spend time with the greatest friends.  All of which are VERY important, especially the first one. (smiles)

I have always said, You make time to do what you want to do.

For instance, you might not be an early bird, but you let your favorite purse go on sale at 5am and you'll be the first in line (and I'll be right behind ya).  

Or let the first day of hunting season roll around and you'll easily get up at 4am to head to the deep, dark, scary woods (and I WONT be right behind ya). 

But seriously, what does all this have to do with reading the Word?

So glad you asked.  Really I am.

For the past two years CCA and many others have gone on two 365 day journeys through the Word.  This year we are finishing up Solo: An Uncommon Devotional a great devo that teaches you to absorb and mediate on scriptures, communicate with God, and live out the Word daily.
It has been a great experience thus far and we are not finished yet.  But we have come to the time of year when I announce what we will be doing for the next 365 days so everyone can begin to prepare and order their books.
With much prayer and consultation, I have decided for us to go back to our very first book for our 2012 daily reading, The One Year Chronological Bible written in the New Living Translation.  

There are three reasons why I feel this is what we need to do again…
#1 Since we last read through this Bible CCA has had many new people attending who did not get to participate in 2010 and are so hungry for more of the Word.
#2 As with many first-of-the-year-commitments, quite a few people began strong reading through the  Bible, and I want to give them another opportunity to finish what they started.  It's a great feeling of accomplishment when you turn that last 1668th page knowing you read every last one of God’s words to you.
#3 Because this particular Bible is written in chronological order it reads more like a novel than just 66 separate books placed in one big book.  And the New Living Translation is one of the easiest to read and understand.  So with these two things coupled together I know it will help anyone who struggles to read the Word on more than just Sundays.
So, will you join us January 1, 2012 as we commit to15 minutes a day of reading THE GREATEST BOOK EVER WRITTEN?
CCA, if you would like for us to order yours, please email info@ccalachua.com to let us know how many you will need.  The cost is $15 each.
If you do not attend CCA and would LOVE to journey with us, you can order your Bible by clicking here.
Now I'm off to write out a Christmas list, or two... Tis the season to be preparing.

p.s. These make great stocking stuffers too.

1 comment:

Pat Johns said...

Excited to be reading the chronological Bible once again with you in 2012....enjoying the Solo devotional this year...

Love the month of January each year as it's the month of new beginnings.....the 21 day Daniel fast and starting a new year in the Word.

Thanks Tina for all you do for Christ and His body of believers.....love you.....