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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More Than Enough

Exodus 1:1 thru Exodus 7:13

Today we begin our journey with Moses. Remember, when we departed Genesis, Joseph had moved his father and all his brothers and their families to Egypt. Now many years have passed and the children of Jacob have become so vast the Egyptians are fearing them, causing them to enslave the children of Israel.

Today we also read about Moses' birth, his miraculous salvation (aren’t all salvation's miraculous), his murdering an Egyptian, his fleeing to Midian, his becoming a husband, father and shepherd.

And in chapter 3 he gets a call, a call to rescue God’s people.

God heard their groaning and remembered His covenant with Abraham, Isaac and with Jacob. And God saw the people of Israel and knew it was time to set His people free. Exodus 2:24-25

The children of Israel will no longer be defined by their years of slavery, but by their covenant relationship with God who has heard their cries and remembered his promises.

Moses, though, the one whom God called to go before Pharaoh is not too excited about his new marching orders and begins a protest and debate with God.

Moses: Who am I?

God: I will be with you.

Moses: Whom shall I say has sent me?

God: I Am Who I Am.

Our footnote said, I Will Be What I Will Be. What is it that God will be? Anything Moses (or we) need Him to be.

If you are sick, He will be your healer. If you are tired, He will be your strength. If you are bound, He will be your deliverer. If you are sad, He will be your joy. If you are worried, He will be your peace.

'I am' is the present tense of the active form 'to be'. As God’s name it means that He is constant, unchanging, always present, always God.

So when God said I Am he was letting Moses know I Am in control. I Am the center of the universe. I Am the creator and sustainer of life. I Am here. I Am more than enough. I Am God.

And if God's name is I Am then Moses' name is I Am Not.  And so is ours.

I Am Not the center of the universe. I Am Not the creator and sustainer of life.  I Am Not more than enough.  I Am Not in control and I Am Not God.

We should never be quick to protest God when He calls us to do something bigger than we are because He is the great I Am in us.

Moses is not enough, but God is more than enough for him.

And for me.

And for you.

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