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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hello, Goodbye

Deuteronomy 33:1 - 34:11
Joshua 1:1 - 2:24

Today we said farewell to Moses.  We have been journeying with him for the past 49 days!  So it is a little sad to see him go.  But some exciting things are already beginning to happen for the children of Israel.  And I can't wait for us to read everything God is about to do for them.

It has been forty years of wandering, and I am sure wondering, wondering if God was really going to do what He said He was going to do.  And I got chills today as I read Joshua telling his leaders, Get ready!  In three days we are crossing the river Jordan and taking possession of the land God has given us! Joshua 1:10

Sometimes I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to see these things happen.  But obviously we can't do that so we'll just have to use our imaginations. :)

So today my emotions swung from sad to see Moses go, to stoked to see Joshua go!

In January 2011 I had the amazing privilege to stand on Mount Nebo where Moses stood and looked over the Jordan Valley to the promised land and I want to share a few pics with you so you too can see what Moses saw and what Joshua is getting ready to conquer.

Looking to the right Moses saw the Gilead Mountains

Looking to the left he saw the Dead Sea (just over the tree tops)

And straight ahead he saw the Jordan Valley & River and in the distance Jericho, Bethlehem and Jerusalem   
Thanks for journeying with me... 

and Moses. 

Happy Thursday,

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