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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Prayer's for Moms ~ Part 3

This week I am posting the prayers from our Mother’s Day service at CCA.  If you missed any of the prayers thus far, they are listed below. You can click here to read all about what made our Mother’s Day service so special.

Grandmother Raising her Grandkids Prayer:

I thank you Lord for each and every one of the children that you have brought across my path. I thank you Father that you have given me wonderful kids of my own, and that you allowed me the privilege of raising my granddaughter.  I pray today for myself and all other grandmothers.

We are in a unique set of circumstances that thankfully, you have been aware of all along.  I never expected to be parenting for so many years, but you have given me strength. You gave me words of comfort for my granddaughter, you gave me wisdom for her parents. I'm so grateful. 

I thank you Father for giving me the opportunity to keep You in her life.  To show your love and give her a choice to build a relationship with Jesus,,. to know that You were the One to depend on when all else fails.

Today I come to you on behalf of other Moms and myself, I ask you to continue to strengthen our physical bodies and give us wisdom in all situations.  Help us to overcome the guilt we feel, because we think we have failed the first time around.

Help us to deal with their heartbreak because we aren't the mom. Help us to deal with our heartbreak, because we can't ease theirs. Help our grandchildren understand that they are perfect just the way they are, and we are so glad they are in our lives. Help us today Lord to keep our families together and at peace. 

We want to continually pour our love into their lives, so they know your love... know how to love…  and can break the cycle of dependence on anything but you

Last, help us to continually put your word before them, so they have direction for every tomorrow. 

We receive it now in the mighty name of Jesus.


Thank you Jan for your prayer for Grandmothers.

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