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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Prayers for Mothers

CCA’s Mother’s Day service was quite unique this year.

A couple weeks ago my husband interviewed his mom in our home.  It was a powerful time as he asked her 5 questions about being a woman, wife, and mom. We showed the 18 minute video of that interview Sunday and followed it up with a very special time of prayer.

I asked all the women in the church (or in our case, cafeteria) to come forward and had 6 ladies pray some very special and specific prayers over the ladies.

Mother’s Day is suppose to be a happy mom-honoring day, but for many ladies it is a day that reminds them…

...I’m raising my kids alone

...I’m struggling to be a good step-mom

...Heck, I’m struggling to just be a mom

...I not only raised my kids, but now I am raising my grandkids too

...I have a very difficult and strained relationship with my kids

...I have lost a child and won't get to see them again until heaven

...I am still waiting for the precious promise of children

So I had 6 ladies who know first hand the reality of each of these situations to pray for the ladies who stood before us.

For the next few days, with their permission, I am posting their beautiful prayers.

I pray they bless and encourage you as it did the ladies of CCA on Sunday.

A prayer for Single Mothers:

Lord I am coming to you today to pray for our single mothers.  Lord give them strength, peace and understanding that although the ground life has given us to sow may be unlevel and rocky, you will provide us with guidance, love and much mercy. We will sow the seeds that form our children's lives in the right season with rich soil to flourish. We will change the landscape of their lives.

You know the plans you have for us. Plans to prosper us and not harm us. I thank you Lord that that is not a wish but your written promise in Jeremiah 29.

You will give us strength to endure so much alone but give us the wisdom to accept the help you send us also. Help us in the days of darkness to praise your name and not be afraid. Because Lord with you in our lives none of us are Fatherless.

Lord remind us daily to follow your instruction in Proverbs 22:6. Direct your children onto the right path and when they are older they will not leave it.

Lord I thank you and praise you that although I am at the end of my journey in the daily task of nurturing my children and now begin the task of mentoring them as young adults, I will continue to guide them in Your ways. That they will ask you to guide their paths. That they will prosper and have peace.

In Jesus name,

Thank you Carol for your prayer for Single Mothers.

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