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Friday, October 5, 2012

Just Wanted to Share

So many things have happened since we began reading in the New Testament.  We have traveled to Nazareth, Bethlehem, Egypt, and back.  I wanted to share with you a few of the pictures I took while in Israel and Jordan in 2011 of a few of the places we have read about. Hope you enjoy!!

Spot Where Jesus was Born Located In
The Church of the Nativity

Jordan River Where John the Baptist
Baptized Many Believers

Where Jesus was Baptized

Franciscan Church Near the Location Where
Jesus Performed His First Miracle at a Wedding
Turning Water into Wine 

Outside the Church in Cana

Capharnaum Located on Shores of the Sea of Galilee 

Peter's Home where Jesus Stayed While in Capharnaum
A Church has Been Built Over the Ruins Protecting It

Synagogue in Capharnaum Built on the Foundation
 of the Synagogue Jesus Taught In
Mark 1:21
Outside the Synagogue

Location of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount
Matthew 5-7

Catholic Chapel Built in 1939 at the
Location of the Sermon on the Mount

I can't wait to share more pics as we continue reading through the New Testament.  

Hope you have a great weekend!!

1 comment:

Pat Johns said...

Thanks for sharing your pics of your trip to the Holy Land.....we went many years ago and will never forget the awesome blessing getting to walk where Jesus walked and visit the places where he performed so many miracles....a trip of a lifetime to say the least....thanks to that visit, the Bible came alive to me!!!!!