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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

To Our Staff

October is National Clergy Appreciation Month and as we are in the last two days of this month I just wanted to say something to our Pastoral Staff and tomorrow I will ask one favor from our CCA peeps.

To Jay- Thank you for leading our students so well.  You are an amazing leader to not only them but your youth staff as well.  You wear many hats at CCA and you wear them masterfully.  Your organization, determination and work ethic is visible to all who know you. Thank you for not only sharing the ministry journey with Mark and myself, but for being our friend.

To Caley- You also wear many hats at CCA and your #1 hat is being Jay’s wife.  Thank you for loving him, caring for him and modeling to other young couples what a Proverbs 31 woman looks like.  Thank you for keeping everything at CCA running so smooth and keeping Mark and myself on track cause you know we are getting old and forgetful. J  Seriously though, I don’t know where I’d be without you. Thank you for being not only a great ministry partner with me, but a very dear friend.   I pray you never lose your passion, grace and deep love for Jesus.

To Robby- “You know what they say…” You know I had to open with that.  Thank you Robby for just being you.  Your first serving job at CCA was literally flipping a light switch during service when we were still at Mebane Middle School and we had to use those massive filming lights.  And now, you are leading every one of us in worship every Sunday.  WOW, what God can do when we are faithful in the little things.  I love you and Mags so much.  Thank you for following God's leading in your life.  He is going to do great things through you!

To Maggie-  Sweet, Maggie.  I smile just thinking about you.  And so does everyone else who knows you.  My prayer for you is that you never change.  You may not be ‘out front’ but I promise you are leading.  Every Sunday you demonstrate faithfulness first to your husband as you serve him and make sure he has everything he needs and secondly by your willingness to literally clean elementary school bathrooms and make them as inviting as possible so our guests feel loved and welcomed even while they are taking care of business.  Thank you for doing what most people wont.  I pray you never lose your love for life.

To Caleb- I have NEVER met someone who ALWAYS smiles until I met you.  Thank you for smiling even when things are tough and ministry is hard.  The parents of CCA will never fully know how blessed they are to have you leading their children.  You are willing to dress like a pirate, farmer, or whatever the current series requires.  You make the kids WANT to come learn about Jesus, even in a school library.  Thank you for allowing me the privilege to serve with you once a month in the children’s department. And thanks for always sharing the Kidz Konnection bubble gum during our Monday Evaluation meetings!!

To Erikah- For you, coming to CCA meant leaving a church you had a deep love for and great friends at.  I know what that is like!   But you knew being Caleb’s wife meant partnering with him not only in life, but ministry.  Thank you for supporting him and the Kidz Konnection ministry and loving and caring for the children who some of them only see real love when they come to CCA for 2 hours every Sunday. You are making an impact that will last throughout their entire lives!  There is no greater reward.  Love you for your willing and obedient spirit.

To J Mark- My husband, baby-daddy, pastor and best friend…  almost 19 years ago I stood on a stage with you and before Farrell Kyser prayed over us he looked at me and asked, “Tina, are you willing to go and do whatever God calls Mark to go and do?”  I said, “Yes.” But I had no idea the amazing journey God had planned for us.  I watch you give 110% to everyone everyday.  You have loved, encouraged, prayed for, guided, led and directed thousands of people all over the world. But you have always loved, encouraged, prayed for, guided, led and directed me first. For that, I am more than grateful.  I am who I am today, because you are who you are.  I love you.

So, Happy Pastor's Appreciation Month to all our CCA Staff.  And thank you for all the laughs!!  I LOVE YOU ALL!!

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Pat Johns said...

Thanks Tina for this awesome post of appreciation to the wonderful staff at CCA.....I am always breathless when I see the unity that prevails in your team and know you and Mark exemplify leadership and love in a profound way....love you all and can't wait to be with you in service again....