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Friday, December 7, 2012

I Will Give Him Praise

I have one of those Christmas coffee table books that I bring out each December and place on my coffee table, of course.

When reading through it again this season I had to really stop and ponder this quote by Max Lucado.

Mary didn’t know whether to give Him milk or give Him praise, but she gave Him both since He was, as near as she could figure, hungry and holy.

I tried to imagine what Mary had to be feeling and thinking as she held in her arms the God that held her very life in His. 

If you were her, how would you have responded knowing you were called to carry Jesus, Emmanuel God with us?

As sweet and precious as that moment had to be when Mary held Jesus, this quote made me realize we can have the same experience, not literally, but spiritually because although we may not hold Jesus in our arms, we do hold Him in our hearts.

33 years after giving birth to Jesus, His mother, Mary, let go of Jesus’ hand for a final time so that we could forever hold Him in our hearts. 

So I will give Him praise!!

Have yourself a Mary little Christmas,

1 comment:

Pat Johns said...

Love this Tina....love you, Jesus and Max Lucado....